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Final Update: Carlos Zambrano is NOT Pitching in the WBC

Chicago Cubs News

Ah, technology. I have no idea why this post, and it’s twin are showing up as posted on New Year’s Day, 1970. So we’ll let the mystery linger.


Finally we get
from Zambrano, himself, that he will not be pitching for
Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic, despite Venezuela’s stated
belief that he is.

I’d love to find out the details from behind the scenes as to how it
was so unclear whether or not Zambrano would actually be
participating, how the man puting together their team came to believe
as recently as yesterday that Zambrano was participating, and why the
team went so far as to waste a 28-man roster spot on Zambrano if he
had no intention of participating.

But in the end, the important thing is: Z is staying in camp with the
Chicago Cubs this spring. Good. Let’s roll.