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Month: January 2009

Ok, So Maybe Rich Hill is Going to the Mariners

Fresh on the heels of a Baltimore Sun article that Rich Hill to the O’s was a near done-deal, it seems the Mariners are trying to pry the troubled lefty from the Cubs. Sources suggest the Baltimore Orioles may have the inside track on Hill, who was a top prospect before battling control issues. He […]

The Cublogoverse is MONEY GRAB!

Flipping through my headlines the other day, I came across this peach from Inside the Ivy: If the inauguration of Barack Obama as the nation’s 44th president is a precursor to the play of typical Cubs teams during inaugural years, what can be expected of the 2009 club? Scout.com: How Have Cubs Fared in Inaugural […]

Paul Bako is a Chicago Cub (For Ril, Again)

Bako or “The” Bako has been the Cubs’ primary backup catcher target since Henry Blanco bolted for San Diego – actually, Bako was the target in lieu of Blanco, hence Blanco bolting. One could question what exactly Bako provides that Koyie Hill couldn’t (except a few more fingers), but at least Bako isn’t going to […]

The St. Louis Cardinals’ Offseason is Disappointing, Testy

Quick – name the Cardinals’ big off-season move. Stumped? Hint: Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Yup. Khalil Greene. (unless they’re able to make the highly unlikely, but highly terrifying Manny Ramirez addition we discussed yesterday…) So it’s no surprise that given the chance to chat with Cardinals’ GM John Mozeliak, Cardinal fans would probably be […]


Milton Bradley’s Deal is Technically Only for 2 Years and $20 mill

That’s because the third year is kind of an option. Word floated around when Bradley was signed that there was “protection on the back-end” of the deal for the Cubs if Bradley was injured in the first two years (a move popularized by the Detroit Tigers’ genius signing of Magglio Ordonez, coming off massive knee […]

Rich Hill About to Be the Next Oriole Castaway

How many players that the Cubs desperately don’t want can they possibly pawn off on the Orioles? The Orioles and Chicago Cubs are again involved in trade talks, this time about the Cubs’ left-handed starter Rich Hill. According to industry sources, the two teams have had ongoing talks about Hill, a one-time top pitching prospect […]

Holy Scary Balls, Batman: Manny Ramirez to the Cardinals?

Apparently Albert Pujols is pushing the Cardinals to sign the only right-handed hitter in the game who might be more scary than he is: Manny Ramirez. “I speak with Manny every three days and he tells me, `Man, no one wants to sign me,’ Pujols said Thursday during a news conference. “I’m not an agent […]

The Cublogoverse is Movin’ on Up

Recently, our friends at Wrigleyville23 got the call up the big leagues. Well, the call up to somewhere anyway. They were tapped to become the Chicago Cubs blog for MVN, a post previously occupied by such Cublogoverse heavyweights as The Cub Reporter and View from the Bleachers. We caught up with the proprietor of Wv23 […]

Canada is Mad at Ryan Dempster

The World Baseball Classic rosters were finalized last week, and a few of the Chicago Cubs who had previously been rumored playing were not to be found. One of whom was starting pitcher and native Canadian Ryan Dempster. And apparently, not only do the Canadians have a baseball team in the WBC, they actually care […]


The Cubs Will Go With 12 Pitchers

In case anyone had illusions of the Cubs going back to 11 pitchers as they did a few years ago, Lou Piniella has put that to rest: Talked with Lou later in the day. He said the Cubs probably will go with 12 pitchers and 13 position players again this year. “With our pitching, it […]

Cubs Still Looking at Randy Wolf and Braden Looper?

Even after the acquisition of could-be-starter Aaron Heilman, the Chicago Cubs are reportedly still considering free agents Randy Wolf and Braden Looper. Obviously they would be in lieu of Jake Peavy. Looper and Wolf are expected to command a contract similar to Jon Garland – who yesterday got a one-year (with an option for 2010) […]

And Now It Looks Like Aaron Heilman is Officially a Cub

As I said before, I expected the pitcher included to be from the crew of ML reliever types, but, um… The Chicago Cubs have acquired pitcher Aaron Heilman from the Seattle Mariners for infielder Ronny Cedeno and pitcher Garrett Olson, a baseball source told ESPN.com. Heilman and Olson have already been involved in trades this […]

Aaron Heilman is Almost a Cub

Bruce Levine is apparently telling folks that the long-rumored Ronny Cedeno for Aaron Heilman swap is going down. Probably will cost more than just Cedeno, though. According to ESPN Radio’s Bruce Levine, the Cubs are close to acquiring pitcher Aaron Heilman from the Mariners. The Ms want shortstop Ronny Cedeno and pitching in return. … […]

The Cublogoverse is All About Parody

There was a time when only the Onion wrote parody articles. Then came The Heckler. Then came The Cubs Brickyard. And now Bleed Cubbie Blue has entered the fray. Some parody headlines from the latter three this week in the Cublogoverse: Cell to host Winter Classic Demolition Derby – The Heckler Lou Piniella Spends Offseason […]


I Really Want to Like President Obama, But They’re Making It So Hard

I have nothing against President Obama’s agenda as of yet. But I do have one serious problem with President Obama. And it’s about to get worse. The White Sox are awaiting for approval from the White House to issue baseball caps commemorating President Barack Obama. According to Street and Smith’s Sports Business Journal, the Sox […]

Obessessive Peavywatch: There is “Nothing to” the Jake Peavy Rumors?

Chicago Cubs assistant GM Randy Bush was on XM radio recently, apparently attempted to dispel some of the Cubs-getting-Peavy rumors. We have come to expect such things from the Cubs front office. But, well, the way Bush did it was was pretty stark: Holden Kushner asked him about Jake Peavy and how many questions he […]

Much Like the Astros, the Brewers are “All Set”

Another off-season NL Central player bites the dust, it seems. “We’re pretty far down the road of building our ballclub,” general manager Doug Melvin said. “But it’s still going to be competitive, and you can never predict whether you’ll have injuries or whether you’ll make waiver claims. “There’s probably players we don’t know of yet […]

Carlos Marmol is NOT Pitching in the World Baseball Classic

A couple of days ago, Peter Gammons wrote a scathing article about Carlos Marmol pitching in the Dominican Winter League playoffs, and then the World Baseball Classic, and then in the season for the Cubs. Well, according to a thread at Sons of Ivy, the ESPN ticker has reported Marmol will not pitch in the […]

The Cubs Have Two Closers

The prevailing wisdom is that Carlos Marmol will take over as the Cubs’ closer this year, based on the fact that he is a large-eared super-bad-ass-master on the mound. But, maybe Kevin Gregg is, too (snicker). The Cubs acquired Kevin Gregg from Florida this offseason, and Piniella doesn’t want to declare Marmol the closer until […]


Are the Brewers Adding to Their Rotation?

There’s a rumor floating around the ‘nets that the Milwaukee Brewers are looking to add a free agent starting pitcher to their rotation to replace Ben Sheets (whom we’ve said before is obviously broken). The latest name mentioned is Mets sort-of-reclamation-project-except-he’s-only-27 Oliver Perez. Perez is looking for a 4 year, $40 mill deal. But the […]

Mark McGwire Used Steroids… Probably

The news broke late last week that Mark McGwire’s brother is trying to publish a book that discloses Mark used steroids, which would be a shock on the order the Earth being round. Mark became interested in steroids once he saw the positive effects it had on his little brother’s physique and to help him […]

Obsessive Peavywatch: MLB.com Catches Up With the Rest of the Class

Holy crubblebucket!!! Did you know that once the Chicago Cubs’ sale is finalized, the Cubs might re-engage the Padres in trade talks about pitcher Jake Peavy? That is totally brand new information, and MLB.com has the scoop that no one else has been saying for several weeks. A previously discussed trade of All-Star right-handed pitcher […]

The Chicago Cubs Were Really, Really Good Last Year

We all know that the Cubs were pretty solid in the regular season last year. Oh, who are we to be modest – the Cubs ended up best in the National League by several games. But even that doesn’t tell the story about just how good the 2008 Chicago Cubs were. Here’s a really simplistic […]