Have you ever heard of Baltimore Oriole Brian Roberts!!?!?lolz!?!?

It was only natural that once the Cubs moved Mark DeRosa, the Brian Roberts speculation would once again ignite. Though I would have expected it from the Cublogoverse, the Baltimore Sun kicks it off this time:

[S]ome of you are asking if this means that the on-again, off-again trade talks involving Brian Roberts and the Cubs might be on again. The Cubs just signed versatile infielder Aaron Miles to a two-year deal, and he can play second base, but it’s fair to wonder if the big-payroll Cubs will try to recover more of the offensive production they just sent to Cleveland.

Yes, I suppose it’s fair to wonder. But I’m not sure we can handle Jake Peavywatch and Brian Robertswatch in the same offseason.

  • http://www.thesonsofivy.com Bart

    Brian Roberts is currently watching The Food Network.

  • http://www.thesonsofivy.com Bart

    Update: He is now picking his nose.

  • http://www.thesonsofivy.com Bart

    Update: He left the room, I lost visual contact. I will move over to the other side of the lawn.

    • Ace

      You joke, but I got another Brian Roberts post coming up.