When the Chicago Cubs signed the versatile (if crappy) Aaron Miles to a 2-year deal, it was a cinch that one of Mike Fontenot, Ronny Cedeno, Ryan Theriot, or Mark DeRosa were going to be leaving. And sure enough, later that same day, Mark DeRosa was shipped off to the Cleveland Indians.

But could Miles’ presence spell doom for another Cub?

SS Ronny Cedeno could be the odd man out in the Cubs infield. With Ryan Theriot starting at short and Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles available as backups, Cedeno looks to be a good bet to be traded. Cedeno ran afoul of manager Lou Piniella the last two years with what the Cubs perceived to be careless play at times. Yahoo.

That seems like a bit of a leap to me. Why couldn’t the Cubs keep two infield backup types? They did it last year with Cedeno and Fontenot.

  • tom mcqueeney

    I think Lou is getting “louPEE” First trade Mark DeRosa who had a hell of a year, then just “louPEE” all over Ronny Cedeno, who gives you 100+ percent effort on the field. Oh, I forgot, I guess he is the only player to make an error, unlike the “likes of Soriano” LOUPEE’s pride. (maybe they hop scotch together) Good luck Ronny and when they want you back after a few rings, tell ’em to go, well LOUpe themselves.

  • http://wrigleyville23.com wv23

    louPEE. woo.