I know we all assumed it was a done deal, but now it appears that it’s all but official: Jason Marquis IS going to the Colorado Rockies for reliever Luis Vizcaino.

The Rockies’ payroll will increase slightly next season from $68 million to roughly $73 million with the acquisition of Chicago Cubs starter Jason Marquis and the salary increases of their six arbitration-eligible players.

Marquis will cost the Rockies $4.875 million in 2009 after the subtraction of reliever Luis Vizcaino, who is heading to Chicago in a deal that could be finalized as soon as Monday. The Denver Post.

If nothing else, this article confirms that Rockies’ sources consider this a done deal.

I wonder if Vizcaino can get “it” back, or if he’ll even remain with the Cubs long enough to find out. The Cubs are looking at a packed pen as it is.

  • DaveB

    Hopefully he can get it back.
    At the very least, he can’t be any worse than Howry in ’08, can he?

    • Ace

      Unlikely… though that’s like being better looking than Randy Johnson.