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Peavywatch: Non-Moorad Ownership Saying No to a Peavy Deal?

Chicago Cubs News

It’s a sad day in Peavywatch-land. First there’s Rosenthal’s
suggestion that the Cubs have only a 10% chance of landing the ace
pitcher from the San Diego Padres. And now there is a suggestion,
that when the Cubs and Padres closed in on a
Peavy deal at the GM meetings last month, it was the Padres that
backed out, not the Cubs. Why did Padres GM Kevin Towers supposedly
back out? Because ownership told him to, or so the suggestion goes.

That would be bad news for the Cubs, already concerned that once Jeff
Moorad takes an ownership stake in the Padres, they will no longer
need to move Peavy. It is obvious that the two sides have continued
talks since the meetings, so it would seem strange that those talks
would be ongoing if the current ownership group was against moving
Peavy. Perhaps they simply didn’t like the deal Towers previously had
on the table?

Or perhaps Ken Rosenthal knew a little something with his 10% chance comment.

I still think it’s actively being discussed, however, irrespective of
the ownership move (on either side). The DeRosa trade, for my money,
is a dead giveaway that the Cubs are trying to acquire young pitchers
to deal to the Padres (as was their rumored request one month ago).



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