Bruce Levine mentioned on his ESPN radio show that the Cubs are showing some interesting in the Mariners’ Aaron Heilman – a swing starter type whom the Cubs have pursued before, when he was with the Mets. Acquiring Heilman would be an interesting move for a team with seemingly dozens of swing starter types, and would make adding another starter – like, say, Jake Peavy – highly unlikely.

Bruce suggested that the Mariners could be interested in Ronny Cedeno.

  • savant

    The signing of Miles made Cedeno an un-needed part. I am guessing that Cedeno having a semi-retarded baseball IQ has a lot to do with this. Still, I really see no reason to be chasing another mediocre right-handed reliever.

  • chem

    I still say Cedeno is the Padres’ starting SS come Opening Day once this Peavy deal gets done.

  • Ace

    Cedeno would certainly be an upgrade over who the Padres have now.