According to the voters, at least. Rickey Henderson (duh) and Jim Rice
(…but not Dawson?) get the nod this year.

Dawson, who was on the Hall of Fame ballot for the eighth
year, was denied entry into Cooperstown on Monday, receiving 361
votes, or 67 percent. He needed 75 percent…Dawson received a minor
bump in voting. In 2008, he got 358 votes, or 65.9 percent. In ’07,
when Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn were elected into Cooperstown,
Dawson received 309 votes for 56.7 percent. In ’06, when Bruce Sutter
was inducted, Dawson garnered 317 votes for 61 percent.

In 2005, Dawson got 270 votes (52.3 percent), a slight increase from
’04, when he received 253 votes (50 percent). In ’03, he received 248
votes (50 percent) and in his first year on the ballot in ’02, he got
214 votes (43.5 percent).

The National League MVP in 1987, Dawson won eight Gold Gloves, and has
more RBIs (1,591) than all but 33 players in history, including more
than Rice (1,451). Dawson, Willie Mays and Barry Bonds are the only
players in history with 400 homers and 300 steals.

  • chem

    Rice got in because it was his last year on the ballot. Dawson’s number of votes suggests he’ll make it in at some point, but he should have made it by now.

  • savant

    It is just going to take time, but he should eventually get in. If he could have nursed a couple more years out of those knees he would already be in.

  • Ace

    Yeah, forgot about the Rice-last-year-on-ballot thing. Good call, chem.