cublogoverseIn case you haven’t figured it out, the Cublogoverse is a very political place. X blog doesn’t like Y blog, who is e-friends with Z blog, so Z blog launches a comment attack on X blog. Everyone laughs, and then X blog no longer links to Y or Z, and M blog is reticent to link to Y or Z for fear of losing their link from X blog. Follow?

But recently, the Cublogoverse showed its politics another way: political protests!

Ok, well not technically; I guess it’s more like civil disobedience. Or civil obedience if you want to get snarky. Bleed Cubbie Blue, Wrigleyville23 and Another Cubs Blog get into it after the jump.

It started on BCB, but I’ll let Wv23 explain.

Found via ACB: The excitable ones at Bleed Cubbie Blue are calling for a “silent protest” at the Cubs Convention to register their displeasure at how the Kerry Wood/Mark DeRosa issues were handled. via wrigleyville23: Let It Go, Man.

The “silent protest” to which Wv23 refers started as a Fanpost on BCB:

If you are going to the Convention and were unhappy about how the Kerry Wood situation was handled ( as in did we dump him for the money, was the idea of a one year contract EVER mentioned, are we better off with Gregg/Marmol than Marmol/Wood and what if anything did Lou have to do with this ?) please consider wearing a Wood T shirt or Jersey ( if you have one) to the business meeting at 9AM Saturday. Feel free to wear DeRosa item for same effect. via Bleed Cubbie Blue: Silent “protest” at the Convention.

The post picked up almost 50 comments in a few hours, much of which was voicing support.

Back to Wv23, who suggested their own silent protest.

We at Wrigleyville23 (OK, me) supported the [DeRosa trade and Wood non-signing], which is why I am asking for a counter-demonstration for Jim Hendry and the Cubs:

All Cubs fans who support the offseason roster moves are asked to wear shoes to the Cubs Convention. If you don’t support them, go barefoot. via Wv23: Civil Obedience, Wrigleyville23 Style.

Funny stuff.

For what it’s worth, I actually don’t hate the idea of a silent protest, and wearing Woody and DeRosa jerseys seems like a pretty good way of doing it. Personally, I’d be more likely to protest the fact that Jim Hendry’s moves shipped Mrs. Wood and Mrs. DeRosa off to Cleveland, but that’s just me.

  • http://wrigleyville23.com wv23

    to be clear, i don’t support the (silent protest). i supported the derosa/wood moves…

    i don’t want to be lumped in with the silent protesters.

    • Ace

      Oh, I thought that it was clear you were making fun of the silent protest. But, yes, I got ya. I made it a little more clear.

  • http://wrigleyville23.com wv23


    • Ace

      Made it even more clear (and accurate). Nothing like misquoting people in your second week. Sorry.

  • http://wrigleyville23.com wv23

    my lawyers will be in touch.

  • Ace

    It’s good to be poor.

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