No, not every rumor is sexy.

The Cubs have spoken to Rich Aurilia’s agent and may offer Aurilia a one-year deal to take Cedeno’s spot and back up Aramis Ramirez and Derrek Lee.

“We’re a long ways from camp,” Hendry said. “Maybe there’s a potential addition we don’t know about who could serve a different role in the utility situation.”

Meh. Aurilia was adequate last year in a starting role with the San Francisco Giants, so I imagine in spot duty he could still be relatively effective. Better than Ronny Cedeno, at least.

  • savant

    I like the idea of having his righthanded bat on the bench. I would hope we never see him at short again, but he will be fine depth at the corners, and more importantly our righthanded pinch hitter.

  • Ace

    Yeah, facing lefties, he’s more than fine.