cublogoverseBlog are, by their very nature, a platform for opinion. We’re given the opportunity to tell you not only what we think, but also, we are afforded the ability to tell you in our “voice.”

If I want to tell you that Ryan Theriot is having a bad week at the plate, I can. If I prefer to tell you that Ryan Theriot’s week at the plate is reminiscent of raccoon poop, I can do that, too. It’s one of the things that makes the e-media world simply better than the traditional media world.

So it’s a very rare time that I’ll criticize the manner in which a fellow Cublogger chooses to present themselves. But this is one of those rare times.

I have generally always enjoyed Bad News Cubs. The writer has an over-the-top edgy/angriness that gives me a kick. But in a recent post criticizing those who criticize Jay Mariotti, Bad News Cubs took it way, way too far.

Since Jay Mariotti got his AOL Column, all the little stat fags are talking their gay ass shit. They say the columnist is an idiot, an egomanic, etc. They love to hate him. The Bad News Cubs.

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The thrust (ha) of the post was an attack on what BNC calls “stat fags,” specifically some folks at Another Cubs Blog and Wrigleyville23. Some more disgusting vitriole:

Want to know who reads all of Mariotti’s columns? Wrigleyville23… the pussy ass faggot. What a stupid fucking faggot. I’m proud to report that I have been banned from yet another blog. Put the sticker on my helmet, the feather in my cap, and another star on my uniform.

This dumb fucking faggot does nothing but talk shit about others.

Holy shit. Who talks like that?

Look, I get that some of it is purposeful, over-the-top shtick. But that is just way, way, way too far. It’s intolerant garbage, and we shouldn’t – well – tolerate it.

The post keeps going, and the comments are, if possible, even worse.

I was disappointed to see College of Idiots, a Cubs blog that I happen to love, write a post agreeing with BNC’s message (which is totally fine), but not mentioning the disgusting bile that filled the BNC post. I have zero problem with anyone agreeing with the message – which was admittedly hard to follow among all the misogyny and intolerance. But because it was so intimately wrapped up with something NO ONE should agree with, I just wish more would have spoken out about the crap.

It’s possible to get the message across – yes, even with the angry machismo shtick that makes it unique – without the homophobic slurs.

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