cublogoverseBlog are, by their very nature, a platform for opinion. We’re given the opportunity to tell you not only what we think, but also, we are afforded the ability to tell you in our “voice.”

If I want to tell you that Ryan Theriot is having a bad week at the plate, I can. If I prefer to tell you that Ryan Theriot’s week at the plate is reminiscent of raccoon poop, I can do that, too. It’s one of the things that makes the e-media world simply better than the traditional media world.

So it’s a very rare time that I’ll criticize the manner in which a fellow Cublogger chooses to present themselves. But this is one of those rare times.

I have generally always enjoyed Bad News Cubs. The writer has an over-the-top edgy/angriness that gives me a kick. But in a recent post criticizing those who criticize Jay Mariotti, Bad News Cubs took it way, way too far.

Since Jay Mariotti got his AOL Column, all the little stat fags are talking their gay ass shit. They say the columnist is an idiot, an egomanic, etc. They love to hate him. The Bad News Cubs.

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The thrust (ha) of the post was an attack on what BNC calls “stat fags,” specifically some folks at Another Cubs Blog and Wrigleyville23. Some more disgusting vitriole:

Want to know who reads all of Mariotti’s columns? Wrigleyville23… the pussy ass faggot. What a stupid fucking faggot. I’m proud to report that I have been banned from yet another blog. Put the sticker on my helmet, the feather in my cap, and another star on my uniform.

This dumb fucking faggot does nothing but talk shit about others.

Holy shit. Who talks like that?

Look, I get that some of it is purposeful, over-the-top shtick. But that is just way, way, way too far. It’s intolerant garbage, and we shouldn’t – well – tolerate it.

The post keeps going, and the comments are, if possible, even worse.

I was disappointed to see College of Idiots, a Cubs blog that I happen to love, write a post agreeing with BNC’s message (which is totally fine), but not mentioning the disgusting bile that filled the BNC post. I have zero problem with anyone agreeing with the message – which was admittedly hard to follow among all the misogyny and intolerance. But because it was so intimately wrapped up with something NO ONE should agree with, I just wish more would have spoken out about the crap.

It’s possible to get the message across – yes, even with the angry machismo shtick that makes it unique – without the homophobic slurs.

  • Scarey

    Yeah, I tried to post something in his blog that basically let him know that I found no substance in his blog and that his act will get tired for anyone that does actually read it.

    So how does he react to it? He edits my post.

    Not only is this guy a bigot, intolerant, and temperamental. He’s also too insecure to take some criticism.

    Also, reading through some of his other posts is really disturbing. It’s scary to know that there’s people like this that can hold any kind of influence over others. His remarks that basically pertain to genocide are what I found most offensive.

    To be honest Ace, I’m a little disappointed that you had any interest in this guys blog to begin with. Reading through his other stuff, I just don’t see anything of substance. Just a loud mouth looking for cheap attention.

  • Ace

    Thanks Scarey. There was a time – it must have been a stretch of at least a few posts – where there wasn’t anything over-the-top horrible. It was just hostile, which didn’t bug me. Hadn’t looked at it in a few months, and then when I did, I saw this disgusting post.

    Now, don’t you dare criticize me and make me edit your post.

  • savant

    This brings to mind the old saying you know the difference between porn and art when you see it, and I happen to like both. I read his blog yesterday, and I understand he is going for the edgy confrontational thing, but to me it came off as lets put on our Doc Martins and go stomp some gays. Ace, I think you are the one that taught me that it is difficult to read emotion on a message board post, which is a very good reason for language like that to just never be used.

  • Ace

    Well said, savant.

  • MB21

    I’m one of the lucky few this guy rails on over and over and over again. Ace has now seen what an imbecile this guy is, but yeah, I have to seriously question those who think this guy is doing a good job like College of Idiots.

    My opinion is that he’s not going for the edgy/confrontational thing as you guys say either. He used to comment at ACB and was a decent guy except for the occasional blow-up. He can’t take any disagreements with his opinions and acts in this manner. I don’t believe it’s an act on his part at all. I believe he’s incapable of doing anything else.

    If it were an act, it wouldn’t be so incoherent, which it often is. The man says what is on his mind and writes as he gets more thoughts and those often create a mess in which he’s strayed so far from his initial point that he can’t even get back there.

    No, this is who he is. A commenter on ACB disagreed with him and this guy sent the commenter an email with the subject line “you little f-ing twat.” This was personal and away from the public and he was still over the top with his nonsense. After I banned him I got countless emails from him and I am 99% sure he actually called my wife to complain about us making fun of him.

    He’s a troubled individual and while intolerance is unacceptable and this guy is as intolerant as it gets, there must be some underlying issue that makes him behave as he does.

    anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

    nice blog here, Ace.

  • savant

    In this day and age, I think we all just assume that there has to be some angle being worked when we see such over the top bigotry and hatred. I feel that I have already paid way to much attention to this little man’s blog. I hope that he is able to get the help that it is apparent he needs.

  • Ace

    Thanks, MB21. My experience at The Brickyard allowed me to be a bit more behind the scenes in the Cublogoverse, so I’ve still got a lot to learn about the vagaries of the other Cubs blogs out there now that I’m trying to affirmatively wade.

    And you’re right, savant. I’m ending my interest here.

    Unless it gets interesting again. And then I can’t help myself.

  • MB21

    You’re better off being behind the scenes, Ace. I’ve gotten more involved in some of this nonsense than I should have. If I were you, I’d ignore the site altogether. His insanity is certainly fun at times, but is literally the same thing over and over. I actually hadn’t visited his site for over 6 months when I went there to read the thing on WV. Same stuff. Just a different villain (WV rather than me).

    I think I realized over 6 months ago that the guy really does have serious mental issues and he can’t help what he’s doing. Once I realized that it made his act much less funny and less troubling as well, but more disturbing.

  • TheHawk

    Maddog, MB21,

    How dare you perpetuate this ridiculous fucking lie. I have never EVER considered contacting your wife. I don’t know her name. I have never contacted your wife. I never will contact your wife.

    You’re pathetic.

    Go on and tell everyone the most horrible shit you want about me. I couldn’t give a fuck less. But quit accusing an innocent person of committing a crime. It’s beyond reproach, beyond immoral. Just disgusting.

    Did I e-mail Tyger and call him a little fucking twat? Yes. Did I e-mail Ryno at his work e-mail address to get you guys to quit leaving hate comments at my site? Yes, and it worked. You guys finally stopped. Did I ever contact your wife? No. Absolutely not you miserable fucking liar.

    You go to every corner of the fucking internet to disparage me every chance you get. Why? What do you care? I have my own little blog that I hardly even write in anymore. And still, you go out of your way to make a false allegation to random people. Are you that threatened by my little blog? Why do you care so much about me?

    Get a fucking life. Say whatever the fuck you want about me… I couldn’t give a fuck less. But quit it with this goddamn lie.

    Ace, I don’t give a fuck what you or any of your fucking friends think of me. I wouldn’t even be here if I didn’t follow the link from my site. The only reason I’m commenting here is an attempt to stop this fuckhead Maddog from perpetuating a criminally untrue falsehood.

    Call me mental, call me obnoxious, call me whatever the fuck you guys want. I don’t care. I could give a fuck less what any of you ‘online people’ think of me. What I can’t tolerate is this asshole wrongly accusing me of a crime.

    Let me be clear on this. I have never contacted this person’s wife. I wouldn’t have the first idea how to even know who she is.

    Maddog, you KNOW I’m telling the truth. You KNOW you’re fucking lying through your teeth. And still, because you have absolutely no character, you continue to lie because you’re so miserable and hateful.

    Part of the reason I write the way I do today… online… is because of just how obnoxious and rude you people are. Ace, go check out the beginning of my blog, my persona hadn’t quite developed into what it is today. It was the endless rudeness of the ACB crowd that made me decide to throw all diplomacy to the wind.

    Maddog, you make your pathetic attempts to psychoanalyze me ad nauseam at your site. Only once have you come close to reality. When someone’s rude to me online, any sense of etiquette I might have for them is gone. I don’t care to compromise. This online shit is bullshit and you’re the biggest proof of it. You shamelessly lie about a crime.

    To summarize me online, “I don’t suffer rudeness well.” That’s it. Beyond that… it’s your lack of a sense of humor that you don’t understand me and Ryno does.

    Ace, ask Maddog what evidence he has of this allegation. Ask him what proof. There isn’t any. Want to know how I know that with 100% absolute certainty? I didn’t do it.

    He was so rude at my site, when I was never rude to him… (this was way before your time at my site)… that I asked him one time, “Maddog, what would you think if your wife saw you acting this way?” It was my attempt at making him self-conscious of his obnoxious behavior. He interpreted it as a threat to directly contact his wife. He’s paranoid.

    He reiterated this idea, a threat which didn’t exist, so many fucking times online that according to him, some nut case out there actually DID contact his wife. It sure as hell was NOT me. If someone did do that, that person should be prosecuted.

    It’s so downright pathetic that he repeated a false idea, damaging to himself, so often that according to him, it became a reality.

    It isn’t enough for this guy to insist that every human being on earth avoid my blog, (something I don’t even care about). He has to take it to the extreme of falsely accusing me of a crime. It is so profoundly despicable. If it weren’t for the fact that I consider this Cubs blog shit so small and insignificant, I’d be pursuing this asshole criminally for false allegation. But, because I know I’m 100% innocent and that his online slander won’t affect my ‘real’ life, I let it go.

    Honestly Maddog, say whatever you want about me… anything. But, my being a law abiding citizen, quit falsely accusing me of a crime. That’s real and truly horrible. You’re a pathetic liar.

  • Ginger Russ

    Not defending you or Mike, here is my response, long-winded and all:

  • Ace

    Very well-said, Ginger. I tried to comment in response but it didn’t work for some reason.

    Ultimately, it sounds like we agree much more than we disagree.

  • TheHawk

    I have no interest in proving my character to either of you two.

    I would hope, however, that anyone would condemn someone randomly accusing an entirely innocent person of a real world crime online. It’s truly despicable and irresponsible.

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