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5 responses to “The Sporting News Says the Cubs Have Had a Bad Offseason, Don’t Need Peavy”

  1. Coldneck

    Hendry looks like he has a bearclaw hidden under his left breast.

  2. wv23

    i didn’t bother to even link to this rambling mess of a column. horribly written, poorly reasoned. guy is a weenie.

  3. savant

    I’m pretty sure that the Sporting News is based out of St. Louis, and if it is not you should never believe anything you read on a blog.

  4. '84'89'98'03'07'08

    Terrible, terrible offseason. No way the number 3 draw in MLB should be dumping this much salary. Our team is much worse, my friends, and fans who act like apologists for the Cubs when they pull this kind of crap are the “Lovable Losers” who enabled them to intentionally field an inferior team all these years to maximize profit.