In case the Cubs aren’t able to land Jake Peavy, they are apparently laying back-up plan groundwork. These are names we’ve heard before, but this is the first time we’ve heard that the Cubs have actually approached other starting pitchers.

The Cubs may instead turn their attentions to more modest veteran pitchers such as lefty Randy Wolf and right-hander Braden Looper –with whom they’ve already had discussions — as shorter-term, moderately priced alternatives. Ownership approval still would be required for players at this level. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

Notice that it says “with whom they’ve already had discussions,” not “about whom.” That’s a scary prepositional difference.

Particularly given the fact that Randy Wolf – a guy Jim Hendry has targeted before – recently rejected a 3-year, $28.5 million offer from the Astros. Can you fathom the reaction if the Cubs committed that kind of money to Randy Wolf or Braden Looper?

  • savant

    If we are unable to land Peavy, I would much rather go after the fifth starter via the trade route. There is no one on the free agent market that even remotely interests me, unless Sheets is willing to sign a one year deal. I think that Henry Williamson is probably just as good of a candidate as anyone.

  • Ace

    If we aren’t going to land Peavy before the season starts, I would just rather the Cubs go with Marshall/Gaudin/Atkins in the 5th spot, and maybe trade during the season.

    And also, your Williamson man love is getting out of control.

  • savant

    I might have to take the man-love underground for a while. You think Atkins is ready? I would like to see us use some of the glut of prospects Hendry has put together this offseason to try and get someone like Greinke or Bedard.

  • Ace

    No, Atkins is probably not ready to succeed for any extended period of time – but he’s earned a shot, assuming the Cubs are filling the 5th spot in-house. I should have mentioned Samardzija as well, given his strong preference to start.

  • savant

    I still wish I had some sort of idea of what we can reasonably expect from Samardzija.

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