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5 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Cubs Discussing Randy Wolf and Braden Looper”

  1. savant

    If we are unable to land Peavy, I would much rather go after the fifth starter via the trade route. There is no one on the free agent market that even remotely interests me, unless Sheets is willing to sign a one year deal. I think that Henry Williamson is probably just as good of a candidate as anyone.

  2. savant

    I might have to take the man-love underground for a while. You think Atkins is ready? I would like to see us use some of the glut of prospects Hendry has put together this offseason to try and get someone like Greinke or Bedard.

  3. savant

    I still wish I had some sort of idea of what we can reasonably expect from Samardzija.