Goat Riders say they recently heard a report on XM radio regarding a Cubs trade for Jake Peavy.

The rumored bounty it would take to land the Padres ace are Marshall, Ols[o]n, Vitters, Hart, and … uh … somebody else. I can’t remember the name, but I don’t think it was anybody grossly important. Probably one of the pitchers from the Indians trade or something. GROTA.

Yowsah. That’s a steep price. I have assumed from the beginning that it would be unrealistic to expect the Cubs to hold onto BOTH Marshall and Pie/Olson, as well as Vitters. But to give up all three?

The value of Sean Marshall should not be underestimated. The kid is young, cheap, versatile, and most important of all: good. The last two years, he’s been as good as Rich Hill was in Rich’s “good” year.

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Marshall is even more valuable in the swing role to a team like the Cubs with a staff of injury-risk pitchers (which would, ironically, become more injury-risk by adding Peavy).

If that’s the Padres’ starting request, they seem less than likely to settle for just one of Marshall/Olson/Vitters (please be Olson), to go along with the Hart/Stevens/Cedeno types.

The final package could look something like Olson, Vitters, Stevens, Hart and Cedeno. The Padres also appear to like Wellington Castillo. They love Samardzija, but he isn’t going anywhere.

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