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Obessessive Peavywatch: There is “Nothing to” the Jake Peavy Rumors?

Chicago Cubs Rumors

Chicago Cubs assistant GM Randy Bush was on XM radio recently, apparently attempted to dispel some of the Cubs-getting-Peavy rumors. We have come to expect such things from the Cubs front office.


But, well, the way Bush did it was was pretty stark:

Holden Kushner asked him about Jake Peavy and how many questions he fielded about Peavy during the convention. Bush added that the media has really overplayed the Cubs desire to trade for Peavy and he’s really not sure why.

Bush said, “There’s nothing to the Peavy stuff. We like our pitching staff and lineup the way it is. Peavy is a member of the Padres.” The Cubs are in the process of getting ready for Spring Training.



Posturing? Probably. But there’s certainly a difference between the latter two sentences (we like our team, Peavy is not on our team), and saying there’s “nothing” to the rumors.


Brett Taylor

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