Bako or “The” Bako has been the Cubs’ primary backup catcher target
since Henry Blanco bolted for San Diego – actually, Bako was the
target in lieu of Blanco, hence Blanco bolting. One could question
what exactly Bako provides that Koyie Hill couldn’t (except a few more
fingers), but at least Bako isn’t going to cost the $750k that was
previously speculated.

The Cubs finalized a one-year contract with veteran backup
catcher Paul Bako, who previously played for the team in 2003-2004.
Bako will get a salary in the neighborhood of $500,000, according to
multiple reports over the past few weeks, to serve as the backup to
reigning National League Rookie of the year Geovany Soto.

Bako, 36, a defensive-minded catcher, hit .217 in 99 games for the
Reds last season and bats left-handed. Soto is a right-handed hitter.

That is some hard-ass hitting reporting right there. Soto? Right-handed? Zoinks!

I love the “defensive-minded” preface leading into the joke of a
batting average. Yes, we get it. He’s possibly the worst hitter since
Mendoza. Again, I say: could Koyie Hill really be worse? And does it
really matter that you’re a “left-handed” hitter if that only means
you can hit .215 against righties instead of the .180 you hit against


    actually, the deal was 750 or 725k im pretty sure.. dont remember but it was one of those two. it was finalized today and i believe it was 725k once he was added to the 40 man-, and they announced it offically. At first though, I heard it was 500k… but nope… they had to make room for him and did following the 2 for1 of cedeno & olsen for heilman swap. I’m nearly positive it’s 725k though… definitely in that range opposed to 500k. :)

    And I agree, what he provides compared to koyie hill other than buddy/buddyship with hendrys nutsack i dont understand. if you cant affoard to bring back the obviously superior player in blanco, and are going to go cheap, for gods sake give the job to hill. the kid deserves it after all hes gone through, and he’d be cheaper than bako who is for gods sake the worse hitter on the face of this earth.

    this offseason stinks worse than hendrys boxer/briefs, but the saving grace is atleast the nl central looks really, really bad on paper so we should be able to cruise into the playoffs…. and probably get swept by the braves or something.



    Cubs signed catcher Paul Bako, who had been with the Reds, to a one-year, $725,000 contract. This deal was done a month ago, but Bako had to wait for the Cubs to open a roster spot before it was made official.

  • Ace

    Maybe it is 725. I was just going by the story. Ultimately a couple hundred grand is not going to make a huge difference in the Cubs’ payroll… but it’s the principle of the thing.