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Month: January 2009

Rich Harden Has a Tear in his Shoulder Joint, the Earth is Round

It was obvious to everyone that something was wrong with Rich Harden last year, beyond a little bit of shoulder tendinitis. So when it was officially revealed that Harden had a tear in his shoulder joint, it wasn’t met with the kind of reaction you’d expect when one hears pitcher, shoulder, and tear in the […]

Felix Pie is an Oriole

We all knew this was coming. Let’s just be glad Jim Hendry was able to trade Pie long before Spring Training when everyone in the world KNEW the Cubs had to dump him. The Cubs have reached agreement with the Orioles on a deal that will send Pie to Baltimore for left-hander Garrett Olson and […]

Lukewarm Stove: Adam Wainwright to the Yankees for Robinson Cano?

Gotta keep tabs on division rivals, and in an offseason where none of the Central teams have made particularly compelling moves, any whiff of a rumor is interesting. The St. Louis Cardinals have been especially quiet – both on the transaction front, and the rumor front. Lately, they’ve seemed focused on wrapping up their arbitration-eligible […]

New Ownerwatch: Winner Announced THIS Week (Ricketts?)

Probably. Maybe. I’m sure this is way different than when they said the same thing a couple weeks ago. After a nearly two-year process, Sam Zell and Tribune Co. plan to name a winning bidder for the Chicago Cubs by the middle of the coming week, according to two people involved with the bidding. WSJ.com. […]


The Cublogoverse is Conventioning

The Cubs Convention is underway, and the Cublogoverse is all a-twitter with tidbits from the event. The most terrifying goes first. Kaplan then brought up the inevitable question….Who’s going to hit leadoff for the Chicago Cubs in 2009? Piniella asked Rothschild to answer that one and he responded with “Carlos Zambrano”. After the laughs died […]

St. Louis Cardinals May Pursue Jon Garland, Other Free Agent Starters

Given that the Cardinals seem to have only four starting pitchers set for 2009 (Adam Wainwright, Kyle Lohse, Todd Wellemeyer, Joel Piniero), I suppose this was only a matter of time. I guess I just hoped for the five spot they would sign some lackluster scrub or start some 32 year old “prospect.” Oh, wait. […]

Obessive Peavywatch: Will they, won’t they?

A throwaway line from the Rocky Mountain News suggests that the Cubs will, not might, resume talks with the San Diego Padres about Jake Peavy when the new owner is decided upon. The Cubs are expected to renew talks with San Diego about right-handed pitcher Jake Peavy once the Tribune Co. finalizes the sale of […]

Ronny Cedeno Gets Paid

No arbitration for Ronny Cedeno – no surprise there. The Cubs avoided arbitration with infielder Ronny Cedeno, agreeing to a one-year, $822,000 deal. Cedeno, once considered the Cubs’ future at shortstop, has carved a niche as a role player. Denver Post. As a matter of fact, the only surprise there is that the Denver Post […]


The Cubs Convention is Super

It’s almost here! Squeals of excitement! The Cubs Convention is this weekend, and although I’ve never been, I imagine it to be like the scene in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory where they enter that first room and everything is edible, and everyone starts eating everything in sight. You know, except that “everyone” is just […]

The Cubs Are So Very Taguchi

Maybe the Cubs are turning Japanese, turning Japanese, I really think so. The Chicago Cubs have signed outfielder So Taguchi to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Taguchi would earn $900,000 if he makes the team in spring training. Taguchi spent all of last season as a backup outfielder for the […]

Shock! Michael Young Will Not be a Chicago Cub

Despite earlier noted ridiculous speculation, not only will Michael Young not be traded to the Cubs for Alfonso Soriano, he’s not going to be traded at all. Can you believe it? Rangers infielder Michael Young has agreed to move to third base for the 2009 season. Young has also rescinded his request for a trade. […]

Obsessive Peavywatch: Padres Sign David Eckstein

If the Padres also add Omar Vizquel, as has been speculated, the ability of the Cubs to shuffle off “serviceable” major league pieces like Ronny Cedeno in a deal for Jake Peavy becomes hampered. Ronny Cedeno’s shittiness also hampers that ability. The Padres have agreed to terms on a one-year deal with David Eckstein to […]

The Brewers Are Unlikely to Add Anyone Else

With an off-season highlighted by banner moves such as signing 57-year-old closer Trevor Hoffman and getting a single second-round pick for CC Sabathia, one would expect the Brewers to continue to explore options to improve the club. But it is apparently unlikely. Melvin wouldn’t reveal his exact budget for 2009, but including projections of the […]


Chicago Cubs Payroll Will Be Higher than Last Year

At least according to ESPN and Jim Hendry. Cubs general manager Jim Hendry has been busy this offseason and he expects the team’s 2009 payroll to be a bit higher than last year, despite the national recession. “We’re in a situation that’s a little unique,” Hendry said Wednesday during a stop on the club’s winter […]

Why the Hall of Fame Voting Sucks

No, I’m not going to rant about the fact that Rickey Henderson didn’t get more than 95% of the vote (though that is quite stupid). No, I’m not going to rant about Ron Santo’s continued exclusion by a group – the Veteran’s Committee – so up in their own shit that they will never find […]

Cubs Caravan Juicy Nuggets (eww)

Bruce Miles drops some knowledge on us from this year’s Cubs Caravan, and Carrie Muskat does the same, and here’s the ultramega shorthand: Carlos Marmol and Kevin Gregg are the last two inning guys, but a closer hasn’t yet been chosen. Jeff Samardzija could be in the rotation next year for the Cubs (that’s what […]

Lukewarm Stove: Cubs Looking at Rich Aurilia (oooh!)

No, not every rumor is sexy. The Cubs have spoken to Rich Aurilia’s agent and may offer Aurilia a one-year deal to take Cedeno’s spot and back up Aramis Ramirez and Derrek Lee. “We’re a long ways from camp,” Hendry said. “Maybe there’s a potential addition we don’t know about who could serve a different […]

Lukewarm Stove: Cubs Considering Randy Wolf

I have speculated ever since it became clear that Jason Marquis was on the way out the door that among the options Jim Hendry would consider to round out the rotation would be Randy Wolf. You’ll recall, the Cubs flirted with the idea (hey there idea, you look hot) of signing Wolf when he was […]


Tangential Peavywatch: The Padres Don’t Need Ronny Cedeno

The prevailing wisdom has been that *IF* the Cubs traded for Jake Peavy, shortstop Ronny Cedeno would be included, as the Padres are currently set to start Luis Rodriguez at short – he of the (ironically Ronny Cedeno-like) .677 OPS last year. But that wisdom may have just gotten the kybash. I’m hearing today that […]

The Bumpy Cubs Sale Road

Forbes had a nice writeup late last week on the sale of the Chicago Cubs. As we’ve mentioned here before, with the Tribune Company in bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court is going to have to bless any sale – though the blessing will be largely perfunctory. One hurdle to the rubber stamping, however, is the “second […]

Mark Prior is a Minor Leaguer

Oh how the mighty “employee” has fallen. I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m relishing in it. I’m not saying I’m not. I just don’t want to sound like it. The San Diego Padres have agreed to terms with pitcher Mark Prior and second baseman Chris Burke on minor league deals and have invited each […]

Lukewarm Stove: Another Suggestion of Michael Young to the Cubs

Yesterday, we noted one writer’s proposed Michael Young for Alfonso Soriano swap (and the associated ridiculososity of such a proposal), and sure enough, the idea of Michael Young to the Cubs – no matter how absurd – is picking up traction. The Tribune Co. isn’t exactly in buy mode, though the Cubs signed Milton Bradley […]

Cubs Caravan Coming Cwickley

The Cubs Caravan – I picture them all crammed into an RV, complaining out who stuck their finger in the peanut butter – is a fun way to meet/see/interact with some of the biggest stars on the Chicago Cubs. I’m just playing. It’s young guys and scrubs. But I’d still go. Valparaiso High School’s gym […]

The Cublogoverse is Getting Political

In case you haven’t figured it out, the Cublogoverse is a very political place. X blog doesn’t like Y blog, who is e-friends with Z blog, so Z blog launches a comment attack on X blog. Everyone laughs, and then X blog no longer links to Y or Z, and M blog is reticent to […]

Just Kidding About Derek Lowe

Strike against me, MLBTradeRumors, and Baseball Prospectus on that one. Well, sort of. None of said he was going to the Cubs. I was merely reporting that MLBTradeRumors was reporting that Baseball Prospectus had speculated the Cubs might be one of his possible destinations. I even said it was unlikely, so there. What am I […]