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Month: January 2009

The Cubs New Owner Announced This Week?

The Chicago Tribune reported this morning that the next owner of the Chicago Cubs could be announced as soon as this week. Despite the wishes of Cubs fans, the list of suitors has been whittled to three, none of whom is Mr. Mark Cuban. Three prospective buyers made offers for the franchise at the end […]

Mark Cuban Speaks About His Effort to Buy the Cubs

Today, Mark Cuban put together a thoughtful and insightful blog post about his efforts to buy the Chicago Cubs. I know that I was one of the thousands of Cubs fans who desperately hoped that not only would Cuban win the bidding, but that he would also gain approval from the stodgy old network of […]

Peavywatch: Non-Moorad Ownership Saying No to a Peavy Deal?

It’s a sad day in Peavywatch-land. First there’s Rosenthal’s suggestion that the Cubs have only a 10% chance of landing the ace pitcher from the San Diego Padres. And now there is a suggestion, that when the Cubs and Padres closed in on a Peavy deal at the GM meetings last month, it was the […]

Peavywatch: Cubs Have 10% Chance of Landing Jake Peavy

Fox sports’ baseball analyst – you know, that guy with all kinds of access but who is rarely right – Ken Rosenthal was on “Sports Central” last night on WGN radio to discuss, among other things, the Chicago Cubs recent moves and prospective moves. Though he talked at length about the Mark DeRosa trade and […]


2009 Draft Order and Free Agent Compensation

Go here for the 2009 Chicago Cubs Draft resource. This will include order, results, minor league designations, and articles. As more free agents sign, the 2009 draft order becomes closer to getting set. Right now, the Chicago Cubs still have their first round pick – Milton Bradley was a “Type B” free agent, so the […]

Milton Bradley is Officially a Cub; Let the Hackey Board Game Jokes Begin

Well, I suppose they began a long time ago. But, yes, it’s official: Milton Bradley has signed a 3 year, $30 million deal with the Chicago Cubs, pending the all-important physical. I think it’s the right move considering the available options, but let’s hope Lou Piniella gives him the Rich Harden (protect him at all […]

The Cublogoverse is Ice Skating

Something I really appreciate about the Cublogoverse versus the mainstream media is the personal touch. We not only get the news, rumors, commentary, etc. about the Cubs, but we get it from real people. Yes, yes, the writers for the Tribune are “real” people, and I’m sure they’re mighty fine folks, too. But generally, the […]

Adam Dunn at First Base?

Chicago Cubs fans – at least those who frequent message boards – have always been obsessed with Adam Dunn. Half absolutely love his unique combination of impressive power and impressive walking-ability (that is, not the ability to physically walk – the ability to take a lot of walks). Half absolutely hate his unique combination of […]

Now the Milton Bradley Signing is Almost Officially Official

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that the Cubs are expected to sign Milton Bradley (officially) this week. I know what you’re thinking – why is the St. Pete’s Times reporting this, and why does that make you feel like it’s official? Well other than the Nationals – who probably never had a real shot […]


Aaron Miles and the Man He Replaces

Many years ago – well, two, I guess – when I was but a humble poster on Chicago Cubs message boards, I was absolutely incensed at one of Jim Hendry’s signings. The Cubs were looking for a second baseman to replace Todd Walker/Tony Womack/Neifi Perez/Horror. Walker had played relatively well in his time with the […]

The Marquis for Vizcaino Trade is Almost Officially Official

I know we all assumed it was a done deal, but now it appears that it’s all but official: Jason Marquis IS going to the Colorado Rockies for reliever Luis Vizcaino. The Rockies’ payroll will increase slightly next season from $68 million to roughly $73 million with the acquisition of Chicago Cubs starter Jason Marquis […]

The Cublogoverse is Still Shrinking

Our first Cublogoverse post was about Mark DeRosa’s blog, The Pulse, potentially vanishing or at least making the interstellar leap to the Indianblogoverse (you see how terrible that move would be, Mark? It doesn’t even roll off the tongue!). And wouldn’t you know it, the Cublogoverse is losing another excellent blog. When I first ventured […]

Bruce Levine and Oneri Fleita Interview Notes

The Cub Reporter put together an *excellent* summary of this week’s “Talking Baseball” with Bruce Levine (ok, so it isn’t technically a “Bruce Levine interview”), where the guest of note was Cubs Vice President of Player Personnel, Oneri Fleita. I strongly suggest checking out the whole article, but here’s a quick rundown of the highlights […]

Cards to Use Chris Carpenter as Closer? And other C’s

Apparently missing out on closer Brian Fuentes has really put a crimp in the St. Louis Cardinals’ offseason plans. Tony LaRussa is not eager to use any of the teams’ young arms to close, and so that leaves the team with few options. More La Russa: (1) He doesn’t believe it’s smart to count on […]


Why Complaining about the DeRosa/Wood Moves Sucks

Something we plan on doing regularly here at Bleacher Nation is explaining why the latest Chicago Cubs news and rumors suck. Does that mean that the person writing about it sucks? No. Does it even mean they’re wrong? Not necessarily. It’s just a thing we like to say. So if it ever happens to you […]

Panic! Jake Peavy May Not Be Traded

The AP is reporting that Arizona Diamondbacks CEO Jeff Moorad resigned last night with the *express* purpose of trying to acquire an ownership interest in the San Diego Padres. Are you ready? PANIC!!! The only reason the Padres were so intent on dealing Jake Peavy was because of a serious cashflow problem. A new ownership […]

Ronny Cedeno the Next Out the Door?

When the Chicago Cubs signed the versatile (if crappy) Aaron Miles to a 2-year deal, it was a cinch that one of Mike Fontenot, Ronny Cedeno, Ryan Theriot, or Mark DeRosa were going to be leaving. And sure enough, later that same day, Mark DeRosa was shipped off to the Cleveland Indians. But could Miles’ […]

OMG Brian Roberts … to the White Sox?

Blah, blah, blah, standard Brian Roberts to Chicago rumor… Wait? Brian Roberts to the Chicago White Sox? Brian Roberts always seems to be linked to the Chicago Cubs in trade rumors, but White Sox general manager Kenny Williams loves the guy and is trying to acquire him. The two sides have discussed former Mount St. […]

Bradley, Abreu and Dunn OH MY!

The Chicago Cubs are looking for a left-handed bat for right field, preferably one with pop. Among the logical choices on the market are the presumptive favorite (Milton Bradley), the guy who will get way too much money (Bobby Abreu), and the guy that probably couldn’t play RF anyway (Adam Dunn). The Sporting News caught […]


Adding Peavy and Bradley Would Make Cubs… 2nd Best?

The Chicago Cubs are expected to announce the signing of outfielder/crazy guy/great hitter Milton Bradley sometime next week; and with the trade of Mark DeRosa to the Cleveland Indians for three pitching prospects, it should be universally accepted that they are looking at resuming talks with the Padres about Jake Peavy. With two additions like […]

Milton Bradley is the Best Possible Fit in Right Field

With the signing of outfielder Milton Bradley appearing imminent next week, the prognosticators are out in full force, analyzing the enigmatic switch hitter, and trying to project what he’ll do in 2009. One such analysis concludes that signing Milton Bradley would be great for the Cubs. Assuming he doesn’t go crazy. In coming to this […]

Beware the Bako

Looks like Paul Bako will be making his glorious return to the Cubs. Paul Bako, a left-handed hitter, is expected to sign a one-year deal for about $500,000. The Cubs don’t want a No. 2 catcher who costs much or expects to play a lot. Bako certainly fills the bill. Chicago Tribune. Bako’s return makes […]

Paul Sullivan Hearts Aaron Miles and Joey Gaithright

In yesterday’s Tribune, Paul Sullivan offered the following guess at the Chicago Cubs’ opening day lineup: 1. Miles 2B 2. Gathight CF 3. Lee 1B 4. Ramirez 3B 5. Bradley RF 6. Soriano LF 7. Soto C 8. Theriot SS 9. Zambrano SP Sullivan is obviously making two large assumptions about opening day in the […]

Jeff Stevens is Marginal

Following the Mark DeRosa trade, I’ve been scouring the ‘net for info on the three pitching prospects the Cubs got in return. Hopefully I’ll have something a little more thorough and polished soon, but I came across an interesting little tidbit about the one that appears to be the best of the three, Jeff Stevens. […]

The Cublogoverse is Shrinking

Lost in the excitement of Mark DeRosa’s trade to the Cleveland Indians is a huge story in the Cublogoverse: what’s going to happen to Mark DeRosa’s blog, the Pulse? In theory it could continue as usual – it would just be horribly boring because it’s about the Indians (and the new image on the right […]

OMG Brian Roberts!

Have you ever heard of Baltimore Oriole Brian Roberts!!?!?lolz!?!? It was only natural that once the Cubs moved Mark DeRosa, the Brian Roberts speculation would once again ignite. Though I would have expected it from the Cublogoverse, the Baltimore Sun kicks it off this time: [S]ome of you are asking if this means that the […]