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Month: January 2009

Cubs Caravan Coming Cwickley

The Cubs Caravan – I picture them all crammed into an RV, complaining out who stuck their finger in the peanut butter – is a fun way to meet/see/interact with some of the biggest stars on the Chicago Cubs. I’m just playing. It’s young guys and scrubs. But I’d still go. Valparaiso High School’s gym […]

The Cublogoverse is Getting Political

In case you haven’t figured it out, the Cublogoverse is a very political place. X blog doesn’t like Y blog, who is e-friends with Z blog, so Z blog launches a comment attack on X blog. Everyone laughs, and then X blog no longer links to Y or Z, and M blog is reticent to […]

Just Kidding About Derek Lowe

Strike against me, MLBTradeRumors, and Baseball Prospectus on that one. Well, sort of. None of said he was going to the Cubs. I was merely reporting that MLBTradeRumors was reporting that Baseball Prospectus had speculated the Cubs might be one of his possible destinations. I even said it was unlikely, so there. What am I […]

Milton Bradley Gets Injured From Time to Time

We’ve all heard it about Milton Bradley: He’s an injury waiting to happen. Maybe that’s true. Thanks to our good friend, Andy, at Sons of Ivy, here’s a complete year-by-year breakdown of his injuries and time missed (note this is more accurate than the previous list that had been floating around the Cublogoverse, which doubled […]

Lukewarm Stove: Alfonso Soriano to the Rangers for Michael Young?

When it came out that Rangers shortstop Michael Young wanted out of Arlington, it was only natural that the fanbase of every team in MLB with a questionable or shaky shortstop situation would start the “ooh, we could get Young” clamoring. Never mind the fact that Young has five years and $80 million left on […]

Lukewarm Stove: Cubs Are Looking at Derek Lowe?

I’ve yet to read any credible and/or detailed report regarding the Chicago Cubs and free agent pitcher Derek Lowe. Additionally, for a variety of reasons, the Cubs don’t make a ton of sense as a destination for Lowe. So take this blurb with a huge grain of salt – but we’re duty-bound to report every […]

Cubs Ownerwatch: Bidding Still Ongoing

As expected/predicted, bidding on the Cubs among the three finalists will continue this week. Tribune Co., owner of the Chicago Cubs as well as the Chicago Tribune, was pushing prospective buyers to submit their final bids for the team, Wrigley Field and related assets by the end of last week. But the media company was […]

Astros Sign Jose Valverde for $8 Million

It avoids arbitration with the studly closer, but dang. Isn’t that like 15-20% of the Houston Astros’ projected 2009 payroll? Relievers don’t have the best track record in arbitration, so Valverde opted to take a raise to $8 million after losing his case last year and settling for $4.7 million. Considering that he’s led the […]

Just Kidding About Turning Japanese

So that mystery report from a blog I’ve never heard of, citing a source I’ve never heard of, turned out to be bunk. I, for one, am absolutely shocked. Cubs officials denied a report that the team was close to signing Japanese left-hander Ken Takahashi. Japan-based Sports Hochi reported the possible signing on Sunday night. […]

Andre Dawson is not a Hall of Famer

According to the voters, at least. Rickey Henderson (duh) and Jim Rice (…but not Dawson?) get the nod this year. Dawson, who was on the Hall of Fame ballot for the eighth year, was denied entry into Cooperstown on Monday, receiving 361 votes, or 67 percent. He needed 75 percent…Dawson received a minor bump in […]

The Cublogoverse is Turning Japanese, Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

A lot of buzz late last night and this morning throughout the Cublogoverse about a single post on a “Japanese Baseball Blog” that I’ve never heard of. That post, citing a source I’ve similarly never heard of (but maybe I’m just really ethnocentric), is claiming the Cubs are close to signing a 40-year old Japanese […]

Ronny Cedeno to the Mariners for Aaron Heilman?

Bruce Levine mentioned on his ESPN radio show that the Cubs are showing some interesting in the Mariners’ Aaron Heilman – a swing starter type whom the Cubs have pursued before, when he was with the Mets. Acquiring Heilman would be an interesting move for a team with seemingly dozens of swing starter types, and […]

A Word on Garfield minus Garfield and My Attempts at Humor

You are predictably and understandably thinking, “wtf.” Even if you’ve had the good fortune to stumble upon the brilliance that is Garfield minus Garfield, you’re equally likely to be thinking, “ok, yeah, I get it… but what is it doing here?” Let me explain.