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Month: January 2009

Where Peavywatch and Ownerwatch Meet

The scuttlebutt for weeks has been that a real run at Jake Peavy would have to wait until the Tribune Company selects the “winning” bidder in the sweepstakes to buy the Cubs (and by “winning” we mean winning the right to negotiate the purchase). The Daily Herald speculates that for Cubs fans who want Peavy, […]

Milton Bradley is More Expensive than Albert Pujols

We’ve all heard the greatest concern when it comes to Milton Bradley (well, except for that whole “potentially crazy” thing, but the Cubs have dealt with it admirably for the past several years…) – he’s never healthy. He can’t stay on the field. He’ll only play 100 games. And so it goes. In fact, that […]

Obsessive Peavywatch: Kevin Towers is Talkative

It’s been about a week since San Diego Padres General Manager Kevin Towers declared that even if they started discussing a Jake Peavy trade with another team again, they would not be doing it publicly. Um, well… Even now, with Hoffman seemingly out the door, the Padres remain open to trading Peavy, whose salary would […]

The Winter is for Baseball

Lots of Cubs prospects playing in various winter leagues, which have recently wrapped up. For those of you into those kind of things, the good guys at Northside Baseball put together a summary of the winter league prospect results. Dominican Winter League Welington Castillo (Licey): 2/8, 1 BB, 3 K, 1 PB – .250/.333/.250/.583 Doug […]


The Cubs Lose Because They Aren’t Nasty

I believe it is a natural tendency for fans of teams that lose – particularly teams that are very good in the long, long regular season, and then can’t seem to win in the short, crapshoot playoffs – to search for meaning where it doesn’t exist. To search for complex reasons why, where the reason […]

Where Peavywatch and Hendry Hearts Pitchers Meet

As we have previously suggested, now that Marquis has officially been moved, Jim Hendry is likely to resume serious talks with the San Diego Padres about Jake Peavy (EEE!). The Chicago Sun Times agrees, citing “those close to Hendry.” The article goes on to suggest that Derek Lowe is probably too expensive (fine), and that […]

Jim Hendry is Honored By Blagojevich

Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry met with embroiled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on November 21, 2008, just weeks before the Governor’s arrest on a myriad of charges related to alleged corruption. Although it remains unclear the connection between Blagojevich’s corrupt activities, and the Tribune’s effort to sell the team and Wrigley Field, such a meeting […]

Jim Hendry Hearts Pitchers

Obviously Chicago Cubs fans everywhere want Jim Hendry to be considering only one fifth starter to replace the deposed Jason Marquis: Jake Peavy. But the realistic-osity of acquiring Jake Peavy remains to be seen. In the meantime, Hendry recently offered up his thoughts on rounding out the rotation. Lefty Sean Marshall got some high praise, […]

Ok, Jason Marquis Has Officially OFFICIALLY Been Traded

Not big news at this point, because we’ve all known about it for a week. But now it’s, like, totally official: The Cubs continued their offseason restructuring on Tuesday, sending pitcher Jason Marquis to the Colorado Rockies in exchange for reliever Luis Vizcaino. Some tidbits on the contract swap: Marquis is in the final […]

The Cubs New Owner Announced This Week?

The Chicago Tribune reported this morning that the next owner of the Chicago Cubs could be announced as soon as this week. Despite the wishes of Cubs fans, the list of suitors has been whittled to three, none of whom is Mr. Mark Cuban. Three prospective buyers made offers for the franchise at the end […]

Mark Cuban Speaks About His Effort to Buy the Cubs

Today, Mark Cuban put together a thoughtful and insightful blog post about his efforts to buy the Chicago Cubs. I know that I was one of the thousands of Cubs fans who desperately hoped that not only would Cuban win the bidding, but that he would also gain approval from the stodgy old network of […]

Peavywatch: Non-Moorad Ownership Saying No to a Peavy Deal?

It’s a sad day in Peavywatch-land. First there’s Rosenthal’s suggestion that the Cubs have only a 10% chance of landing the ace pitcher from the San Diego Padres. And now there is a suggestion, that when the Cubs and Padres closed in on a Peavy deal at the GM meetings last month, it was the […]

Peavywatch: Cubs Have 10% Chance of Landing Jake Peavy

Fox sports’ baseball analyst – you know, that guy with all kinds of access but who is rarely right – Ken Rosenthal was on “Sports Central” last night on WGN radio to discuss, among other things, the Chicago Cubs recent moves and prospective moves. Though he talked at length about the Mark DeRosa trade and […]


2009 Draft Order and Free Agent Compensation

Go here for the 2009 Chicago Cubs Draft resource. This will include order, results, minor league designations, and articles. As more free agents sign, the 2009 draft order becomes closer to getting set. Right now, the Chicago Cubs still have their first round pick – Milton Bradley was a “Type B” free agent, so the […]

Milton Bradley is Officially a Cub; Let the Hackey Board Game Jokes Begin

Well, I suppose they began a long time ago. But, yes, it’s official: Milton Bradley has signed a 3 year, $30 million deal with the Chicago Cubs, pending the all-important physical. I think it’s the right move considering the available options, but let’s hope Lou Piniella gives him the Rich Harden (protect him at all […]

The Cublogoverse is Ice Skating

Something I really appreciate about the Cublogoverse versus the mainstream media is the personal touch. We not only get the news, rumors, commentary, etc. about the Cubs, but we get it from real people. Yes, yes, the writers for the Tribune are “real” people, and I’m sure they’re mighty fine folks, too. But generally, the […]

Adam Dunn at First Base?

Chicago Cubs fans – at least those who frequent message boards – have always been obsessed with Adam Dunn. Half absolutely love his unique combination of impressive power and impressive walking-ability (that is, not the ability to physically walk – the ability to take a lot of walks). Half absolutely hate his unique combination of […]

Now the Milton Bradley Signing is Almost Officially Official

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that the Cubs are expected to sign Milton Bradley (officially) this week. I know what you’re thinking – why is the St. Pete’s Times reporting this, and why does that make you feel like it’s official? Well other than the Nationals – who probably never had a real shot […]

Aaron Miles and the Man He Replaces

Many years ago – well, two, I guess – when I was but a humble poster on Chicago Cubs message boards, I was absolutely incensed at one of Jim Hendry’s signings. The Cubs were looking for a second baseman to replace Todd Walker/Tony Womack/Neifi Perez/Horror. Walker had played relatively well in his time with the […]