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Month: February 2009

Cubs Sign Corey Koskie to Minor League Deal

The Chicago Cubs are going to bring in at least one more infielder to compete for that last bench spot. That the guy, for now, is former Twin and Brewer, Corey Koskie. Koskie last played in the bigs in 2006, and put up a very nice .833 OPS in limited play due to post-concussion syndrome. […]

Yeah, Milton Bradley is Officially Hurt

Call me cynical when it comes to Chicago Cubs injuries, but when a guy with a long history of injuries – most recently leg injuries – is yanked super early in a game with a “strained quad,” and then a couple days later is sent him for lingering soreness, he’s no longer “sore,” he’s hurt. […]

Lou Piniella Hates Mark DeRosa, Until He Doesn’t

Everyone was surprised when the Chicago Cubs dealt Mark DeRosa to the Cleveland Indians for prospects two months ago – well, except those of us who (erroneously) assumed the deal was merely a precursor to a trade for Jake Peavy. Two months later, Mark DeRosa is still surprised. And it sounds like he kinda thinks […]


Bradley Says Quad Strain is No Biggy, Cubs Fans Say Kill Me

So as we noted yesterday, the Chicago Cubs’ offseason prize, Milton Bradley, left his first Spring Training game very early with a strained quad. He says it’s not a big deal, but you’ll have to forgive me if I’m already near panic-stricken. ”I felt it warming up,” Bradley said. ”I just let them know I […]

Spring Training Positional Battlewatch: February 26, 2009

Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs meaninglessly took down the Milwaukee Brewers (though Milton Bradley meaningfully hurt himself, but whatever) 7-4. On to what is really important, the high points of the various positional battles: Joey Gathright, in a mini-battle to make the Cubs’ bench, went 3 for 3 with a walk (crap). You just know he’s […]

Sweet Jesus, Is Milton Bradley Hurt Already?

Granted, regulars get yanked early in Spring Training for a whole host of reasons completely unrelated to health. But when the yanking takes place after one at bat, and the yankee (not the team, the guy being yanked) is Milton Bradley (or Rich Harden), we’re going to take note. Apparently Bradley had to run hard […]

Why the 2009 Cincinnati Reds Suck

Every sports publication in the world puts out season previews. Some are interesting, some aren’t. For the most part, folks just don’t have the time necessary to do the kind of in-depth preview that is going to be of any use to a reader that actually follows the team being previewed (the team previews going […]

Josh Vitters is Still an Awesome Chicago Cubs Prospect

Keith Law said in a lengthy discussion that Chicago Cubs youngster Josh Vitters is the 14th best prospect in baseball, effectively making him quite awesome. Well, Baseball America doesn’t think of him quite so highly, but they still think he’s awesome. They’ve got him ranked the 51st prospect in baseball, and have this pithy remark: […]


Spring Training Positional Battlewatch: February 25, 2009

Quick hits (or some equally cheesy way of saying I’m not going to type out a full recap): Micah Hoffpauir makes a powerful (get it? GET IT?!?!?) case for the last spot on the Cubs bench with a grand slam. Jeff Samardzija doesn’t look any more likely to claim the fifth starter spot after allowing […]

Crisis Averted: Zambrano Will NOT Pitch in WBC

Finally we get word from Zambrano, himself, that he will not be pitching for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic, despite Venezuela’s stated belief that he is. I’d love to find out the details from behind the scenes as to how it was so unclear whether or not Zambrano would actually be participating, how the […]

Skip Schumaker is a Second Baseman, Maybe

One of the more interesting stories coming out of the St. Louis Cardinals’ camp this year is the prospective move of outfielder Skip Schumaker to second base, despite his not having played *any* infield at the major league level. In fact, Schumaker hasn’t seen the infield in over four years, when he dabbled there in […]

The First Spring Training Game is Here

Only 38 more to go until Opening Day. Jeff Samardzija gets the first start for the Chicago Cubs as they open up the Cactus League against the Los Angeles Dodgers at HoHoKam Park today. There are a few battles to watch this spring – fifth starter, second base, seventh bullpen spot – so that should […]

Sweaty Joe Calls it a Career

Former Chicago Cubs closer / really sweaty guy Joe Borowski is hanging up the spikes. Cubs fans will remember Borowski for a handful of things: a ridiculous back-up slider, the obvious desire to make games as close as possible before finishing them, and the huge chunk of change the Cubs dropped on him after a […]


Update: Carlos Zambrano IS on Venezuela’s Final WBC Roster

Last night we reported that even if no one else thinks Carlos Zambrano is pitching in the World Baseball Classic, the country of Venezuela seems to think he is. Well they’ve taken that belief to a whole new level today when they released their final WBC roster. Mr. Zambrano is on it. Now, to be […]

In Case You Were Worried that Carlos Zambrano Was Already Broken

As Chicago Cubs fans, we live in a perpetual state of fear – ironic, given that to fear loss is to have experienced success, and, um… But anyway, the fear thing. We’ve all got it, and nowhere is its ominous presence felt more powerfully than in the throwing arms of the Cubs starting pitchers. So […]

Milton Bradley is Going to Pop, and It’s Going to Be Our Fault

When the Chicago Cubs signed Milton Bradley several weeks ago, each story on the signing was as populated by statistics from Bradley’s explosive season last year in Arlington as it was populated by stories from his explosive past. The reporting was, of course, not unfair. These things actually happened, and it’s only natural to be […]

Report: Carlos Zambrano is Pitching in the World Baseball Classic

Um, what? In all the hemming and hawing about whether or not Carlos Marmol would be pitching for the D.R. in the WBC (he’s not), we may have missed an even scarier story. Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs will stand in for Santana on the mound while sluggers Magglio Ordonez and Miguel Cabrera of […]


The Cublogoverse is Unretired

Several months ago, the Cublogverse suffered a kick squarely to the crotch when Joe Aiello announced that he was shuttering the venerable Cubs blog, View from the Bleachers. All wasn’t completely lost, of course, because Joe was taking his services across town to The Cub Reporter. But the lure of VFTB must have been too […]

OMG Brian Roberts and OMG Orlando Hudson… Are Not Going to be Cubs

So, not that either second baseman looked likely to become a Chicago Cub, it’s worth noting that Orlando Hudson and Brian Roberts don’t look likely to be Cubs any time soon. Roberts signed a four-year extension with the Orioles (though he has only very, very limited no-trade protection), and Hudson signed with the Dodgers. This […]

Lou’s Latest Lineup Lacking Likeability and Other L’s Like Lugubrious

So, late last week Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella threw out his thoughts on the lineup for this season in response to the rampant interest in Alfonso Soriano’s spot. His response was, um, not awesome. On Thursday, Piniella said the lineup he’s leaning toward is Soriano, Aaron Miles, Derrek Lee, Milton Bradley, Aramis Ramirez, Kosuke […]

The Countries of Baseball

Here’s a way to kill a few minutes. Try to figure out the precise contours of the various teams’ territory, particularly the two Chicago teams. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but why do the White Sox get as much as they do? h/t NotQualifiedtoComment

Will the Cubs Ever Sign a LOOGY?

MLBTradeRumors recently put together a solid list of the available lefty relievers on the market, who specialize in getting left-handed hitters out (that’s LOOGYs to us nerds). The list looks something like this: # Joe Beimel – Beimel is a Type B free agent, but the Dodgers did not offer him arbitration. His walk and […]

The Brewers, Like the Cubs, Hate the Top of the Lineup

Milwaukee Brewers manager Ken Macha recently said he plans to bat Rickie Weeks and J.J. Hardy at the top of the lineup this year, and in light of the persistent hand-wringing over the top of the Cubs order, I thought it appropriate to comment briefly. Weeks, to be certain, is an understandable option at the […]