One of the good guys at Sons of Ivy had the fortune to run into Steve Stone this weekend, and even got a chance to pump him full of some questions. A cool, quick read here.

Among the interesting tidbits:

[Stone] does not believe the Peavy deal will get done. He also said if it does get done, that it’s a terrible deal because we “already have the worst contract in all of baseball with Soriano”. He said also said the big indicator to him that the deal wouldn’t get done was [the Aaron Heilman for Cedeno/Olson trade]. Furthermore, he said that no matter what we do financially in this deal, giving up Vitters is a terrible idea and that this kid is the real deal and once we see him play we’ll be exceedingly happy with him.

Stone also gets into the Cubs new owner Tom Ricketts, his hostility toward the Cubs organization, his love of the White Sox organization, and his thoughts on the team in the Dusty years when he was run out of town (well, half-town).

Check it out.

  • wv23

    “worst contract in all of baseball”? really?

    worse than barry zito (7 years, $126 million for nothing)?

    worse than jeff suppan (4 years, $48 million for nothing)?

    worse than mike hampton (just ended 8 year, $121 million)?

    the cubs have won back-to-back division titles – largely because of alfonso soriano.

    i was a big stoney supporter, but his beefs with the cubs are purely personal at this point. he doesn’t like the way he was dismissed (understandably), he believes he should be and has openly campaigned to be GM (laughably), and the ownership group in which he had a (small) piece did not win (thankfully).

    he just rejoices in being a turd in the punch bowl at this point.

  • Ace

    Which is bizarre, given that anyone he could have had a prior beef with is either already gone, or on their way out the door.