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2 responses to “Steve Stone Spills the Beans at Sons of Ivy”

  1. wv23

    “worst contract in all of baseball”? really?

    worse than barry zito (7 years, $126 million for nothing)?

    worse than jeff suppan (4 years, $48 million for nothing)?

    worse than mike hampton (just ended 8 year, $121 million)?

    the cubs have won back-to-back division titles – largely because of alfonso soriano.

    i was a big stoney supporter, but his beefs with the cubs are purely personal at this point. he doesn’t like the way he was dismissed (understandably), he believes he should be and has openly campaigned to be GM (laughably), and the ownership group in which he had a (small) piece did not win (thankfully).

    he just rejoices in being a turd in the punch bowl at this point.