Whether the Cubs will get Jake Peavy is becoming the Ross and Rachel of the 2009 offseason. Will they? Won’t they? And what happened to the monkey?

According to league sources, the Cubs and Padres will try to revisit a Peavy deal sometime during Spring Training when Cubs officials have a new owner (most likely the Ricketts family of Omaha, Nebraska) to ask for extra payroll money for 2009.Bruce Levine Blog.

The Cubs’ payroll is almost at the $140 mill limit that has been the reported ceiling, so this makes sense (and really, hasn’t it always made sense?).

So we’ll have to wait for spring training. Maybe. Who knows? It won’t stop us from reporting every bit of Jake Peavy minutia from now ’til spring training.

  • http://sharapovasthigh.blogspot.com Matt

    Hmm. Interesting. As you know, I totally thought this would get done until the Heilman deal. Now I’d be surprised. What’s the payroll at now? I believe they’ve said they could spend into the mid 140’s right now and hopefully Ricketts will allow them to add a contract like Peavy’s for the 2010 season, that’s the real concern as he’s making 15 million next year I believe and we have a bunch of escalating contracts.

  • Ace

    I think we’re just a shade under 140 right now – and you’re right. 2010 and beyond is the problem.