Chi-Ball blog is reporting that, “according to MLB sources,” Lou Piniella is strongly considering retiring after this season. The source claims Piniella has grown weary of the day-to-day operations of running a major league clubhouse.

Instant reaction:

1.) Piniella’s contract runs out this year [edit: the Cubs picked up his option for 2010, so his contract actually goes another two years. Thanks, MB], and he was somewhat relectant to re-enter the managerial world in the first place. He turns 66 this year. Based on those three things, it’s not entirely bold to predict this will be his last season, regardless of your sources.

2.) The author hedges *strongly* and says that Lou could still change his mind. Um, ok. So basically you’re saying he might retire, and he might not. Prediction: Alfonso Soriano will grow scales in 2009, and become Dino the Last Dinosaur. And he might not.

So ultimately, I shrug a bit on this one. Sure, Lou might retire. And he might not. But not for nothing – dude makes a whole lot of money to do what he does. A cool $4 million can make decisions tough.

  • MB21

    Lou had a mutual option for 2010 that he and the team have already exercised so his contract runs through 2010 actually.

  • Davood Dehnavifar

    Yes, I thought I had read that some where..

  • Tom Loxas

    Thanks for the link, yeah I like to report credible rumors. However, I just hedged because what I know of Lou he says he is looking forward to retirement, however I feel he wants to finish the job.

  • Ace

    Yeah, that’s a good call MB. Dropped the ball in my haste.

    And thanks for the info, Tom. I love hearing any and all Cubs rumors, even rumors about Lou.