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4 responses to “Nomar Back to the Cubs?”

  1. savant

    As a fan, I love this idea. As a baseball super genius, this idea makes me nervous. There is no doubt in my mind that Nomar is the best player available that would possibly accept a back-up role. With already having questions about Bradley’s health, Fukudome’s bat, and Soriano’s recent inability to play 140 games, is having an uber-brittle back-up the best plan? It would be great to have a back-up good enough to give both Lee and Ramirez a day off once a week, and Nomar is the only free agent that I would be comfortable with in that role.

  2. SteveCO

    No. No no no no no. Not this baling wire, balsa wood and glue looks-good doesn’t-last problem child. Fer cripe’s sake, he’s what, six more years older since the Cubs gave up on Mr. Perennial Disabled List?

    Get real. New ownership better nix this bad idea fast.