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4 responses to “Oh SNAP! Alex Rodriguez Tested Positive for Steroids!”

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  2. sdrunner1962

    The word out in the bigs is that A-Hole is a selfish scumbag. The guy runs out on his wife and kids for a used up old whore(Madonna) and now he might have flat out lied about his steroid usage. Pettite admitted it and moved on. Clemons keeps denying it and may go to jail. Bonds is definitely going to jail. What idiots! Baseball knew the players were using and refused to test and penalize because all the homers meant money to the sport. Now Butt Selig is acting like some plague has hit the sport when he helped cause it. The joke is on them. Basketball was losing fans because the players looked like a bunch of gang bangers so they cleaned it up. Football is gaining in fan support(I don’t know why?), hockey is losing market share and NASCAR has cornered the red neck idiot crowd. Baseball better clean up it’s act or lose lots of revenue.

  3. MB21

    Methinks that “word” that’s out on A-Rod is nonsense. I’ve not seen any evidence other than some blowhard fan or journalist say that stuff about A-Rod.

    I’d be fine if baseball lost a lot of its fans because the ones they’d lose are the morons who say crap about someone when they have no idea if it’s true or not. I think baseball would be a better game without those fans.