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Ok, So Maybe Carlos Marmol and Aramis Ramirez are Playing in the World Baseball Classic

Chicago Cubs News

I hope this is simply a matter of Carrie Muskat being behind the ball
on her information, but in a
article, posted today, she proclaims that Carlos Marmol and Aramis
Ramirez are expected to play in the WBC for the Dominican Republic.


Fukudome isn’t the only Cubs player who has committed to
play in the World Baseball Classic. Carlos Marmol, the leading
candidate for the closer’s job, and Ramirez are on the Dominican
Republic roster.

Most fans hope those two in particularly will skip the WBC, so this
declaratory statement is a bit concerning. Maybe the two are going to
play after all? News reports had Ramirez out last week due to Alex
Rodriguez switching to the D.R. team, making Ramirez a back-up. Is the
recent steroid kerfuffle knocking A-Rod out of the WBC, and knocking
Ramirez back in?

And as for Marmol, I guess we never technically heard he was out. We
heard only that the Cubs had requested he not play, after just
pitching in the Domincan Winter League playoffs.


On the balance, I’m guessing this is just old information on Carrie’s
part. But I’m nervous nonetheless.