Houston Astros shortstop Miguel Tejada has been charged with lying to congressional investigators about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in a baseball a few years ago. This has been in the pipeline since it became obvious that Tejada had been less than truthful when he and those around him were being investigated for steroid use.

Federal prosecutors accused Tejada of making misrepresentations to congressional staffers during an interview in a Baltimore hotel room focusing on the prevalence of steroids in the game. washingtonpost.com.


Tejada faces up to a year in federal blank-me-in-the-blank prison, but is more likely to end up with some kind of probation. Unless, of course, lying about his age makes out some kind of pattern.

Suffice it to say, despite Tejada’s falling off the map offensively thing, it would still be quite a blow to the Astros if they are without him for any significant length of time this season.

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