Jeff Samardzija, who hasn’t even yet started raking in the serious big league bucks (though he does have a major league contract), is already giving some of his salary back. He’s started a scholarship at Notre Dame, and that’s pretty awesome.

Memories of what his mother meant to him motivated Samardzija to create the Debora Samardzija Memorial Scholarship, which will be awarded each year to a student who has suffered the loss of a loved one while continuing to strive for academic excellence.


“Obviously, Notre Dame is a pretty expensive school to attend, so we’ll do anything can to help out,” Samardzija said last week in announcing the scholarship. “We feel that someone in that situation would be very appreciative of it.”

It’s easy to forget, as we’re shouting at our television screens, that some of these Cubs are still just kids.

But that no longer includes Jeff Samardzija. Dude’s a man.

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