Yes, I know this is a subject that many are sick of hearing about… but this is actual news on the subject.

Cubs manager Lou Piniella has stuck by Alfonso Soriano as his leadoff man the last two seasons but on Monday said he may drop the left fielder down in the order. Muskat Ramblings.

Many a Cub fan would be excited to hear this news. Of course, Aaron Miles has the “feel” of a Cubs leadoff hitter, for whatever reason, so be careful what you wish for.

Obviously this isn’t the last we’ve heard on the subject.

  • savant

    It would be great if Fukudome could come close to his early numbers and take hold of the leadoff spot. If Fukudome can not handle the leadoff spot, I would prefer for Soriano to remain there.

  • Ace

    Sure, that would be great – but highly unlikely. I would just as soon see Bradley up there batting leadoff as Soriano, if I’m being perfectly honest. He’s just a poor fit, especially now that his legs are going.