Every mainstream article out there that discusses the Chicago Cubs’ offseason moves thus far focuses on the Milton Bradley signing, the Mark DeRosa trade, and letting Kerry Wood walk. But they almost always have a throwaway line about the Aaron Miles signing.

That’s, of course, fine. But what troubles me is that in all of them, they assume two things: 1.) Aaron Miles is the new starter at 2nd base, and 2.) Aaron Miles is going to bat at the top of the order.

It’s rarely outright stated, of course. Instead, it’s just a rushed assumption – a casual inclusion, like, ‘oh yeah, the Cubs wear blue,’ or ‘and then there’s the ivy on the walls.’

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See what I mean:

Bradley signed a three-year contract with the Cubs on Thursday, and the switch-hitting outfielder will break up the overload of right-handers in Lee, Ramirez and Geovany Soto. Throw a left-handed bat in the mix — and possibly two with the addition of switch-hitter Aaron Miles in the No. 2 hole — and pitchers will have to think a little more when they face the Cubs. MLB.com: News.

They’ve added Bradley to the middle of the lineup and signed Aaron Miles to play second base. New York Daily News.

DeRosa will be replaced at second base by Aaron Miles. Chicago Sun Times.

That is all deeply troubling, friends. Not because I have any kind of rational fear that Aaron Miles will *actually* be the every day starter and batting at the top of the order (please note that I do have an irrational fear of that). Anyone who follows the team remotely closely has known for weeks that Fontenot would be given all the shots in the world to win the starting gig (at least against righties).

It’s troubling because these mainstream media folks just assume it to be true. Don’t they put any thought into things? Aren’t they paid to consider that Mike Fontenot guy? And that only seems to have happened in the last few days since spring training began, and Lou Piniella is all but stating openly that Fontenot is the guy.

It’s one thing to have an open discussion about whether or not Aaron Miles SHOULD start and hit 1 or 2 in the lineup. If you come out that way after thoughtful consideration, fine. We disagree. But assuming it? As if it’s so obvious it isn’t worth the four or five lines of print it would take to discuss?

That’s lazy or stupid. No other way to say it. I vote lazy.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I wrote about the same thing recently. It drives me nuts. He’s slow, hits into a lot of DPs and never posted a season with OPS over .700 until last year. And he’s getting old.

    Fontenot totally deserves to start, at least against righties.

  • Ace

    And hopefully that’s exactly how it plays out. Starting Miles has a double-whammy negative: not only does it bench Fontenot, it robs the Cubs of the only thing Miles is good at – being versatile.

  • savant

    Miles is also a decent hitter from the right side for a middle infielder. He put up a slash line of .315/.377/.378 last year, and his three year line is .297/.374/.358. Something else I also noticed while looking at his splits is that he has hit very well during day games, last year he went .392/.420/.531. Those numbers are probably just a case of a small sample size, but his three year line is still a respectable .321 /.364/.420.

    Miles is a role player, and if used in the correct roles he can actually bring some value to the team.