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Jake Peavy: Padres > Cubs > Braves

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The non-story that won’t go away (and we won’t let it, damn it!), well, won’t go away. As spring training begins, details are emerging about the possible Cubs-Padres Jake Peavy that ultimately died months ago at the winter meetings.

As for the Padres’ trade talks with the Braves, which were much-publicized before those with the Cubs, they might have been much ado about nothing. Towers said last month he had doubts that Peavy would have approved a trade to Atlanta so long as a deal to Chicago was possible.

Peavy said Saturday he expected the Cubs to acquire him in December.

“I’d rather be a San Diego Padre,” Peavy said.

But he also said being a Cub would have been “cool, appealing” and “exciting.”

So, indulge me in a logical syllogism if you will. That series means that to Jake Peavy, the San Diego Padres > the Chicago Cubs > the Atlanta Braves.


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Perhaps the most interesting piece is that the biggest hurdle to dealing Peavy to the Braves was the looming spectre of a trade to the Cubs – a trade that Peavy actually expected in December.

For his part, Peavy isn’t closing the door on a possible trade.

Peavy, whose consent is needed for a trade, stressed that he “is open” to staying or going. He repeated that his favorite scenario would be to pitch for a Padres team that wins the World Series, yet he acknowledged the team’s 63-99 record and last-place finish in 2008.

People have speculated that Peavy would want to stay in the National League if he was going to approve a trade. And you can stop speculating.


“I love the National League game,” said Peavy, who emphasized in September that he wouldn’t accept a move to the American League. “The National League game is so pure, it’s so much more involvement for a pitcher, it’s more strategy and I love that. If I have a say-so, I will stay in the National League.”


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