cublogoverseThis post is directed mostly at my Cub logging brethren, so if you’re not in that community – or not particularly interested in it – then you might just ignore it.

I’ve only been doing this “serious” Cubs blogging thing for a couple months now, but I’ve already learned a great deal. Some lessons come quickly, some come much more slowly. One that took me a while to learn is that there are only so many things a blogger focused on the Cubs can write about. That “so many things” is actually a pretty large number, but it is finite. Naturally, two or three of us might stumble onto the same topic from time to time.

And that means there’s going to be overlap among the blogs.

It used to really grind my gears (ha) when I’d find something really interesting to write about, draft a long post on the subject, only to be beaten to the punch by one of my fellow writers. Sometimes I would still make the post, sometimes I wouldn’t. I mean, who wants to be unoriginal?

But it has now occurred to me that this is silly. We’re covering the same stuff, but we’ve all got our own voice. And not everyone reads every blog out there. So who cares if we duplicate each other sometimes?

Basically, this is a long way of saying I’m not really going to let it bother me if I write something – or about something – that is already out there in the Cublogoverse. I’ll give my hat tips if I find something on another Cubs blog, but I’m not going to censor myself if the topic/article/whatever has already been covered.

So to my blogging brothers and sisters: apologies if there’s occasionally a duplicate here of something you’ve covered. If you see the h/t, I got it from you. If you don’t see it, though, we just happened to cover the same thing. And that’s just fine.

  • Rob G.

    Did someone actually complain to you about duplicating one of their post ideas or is this a preemptive strike?

    I think we all read the same newspapers and websites, can’t imagine why anyone would care. I think we all can work an RSS reader….except maybe Al.

    I kid. I kid.

  • Ace

    No, no. Totally self-initiated. I’ve just had so much stuff in the can that I’ve held back because someone else said basically exactly what I had prepared to say before I published.

    Which, you’re right, is totally stupid on my part. So this was just getting it out there so in case I do step on anyone’s e-toes, I can just point to this post and absolve myself of any responsibility.

    Which reminds me… I have been thinking of starting a segment called The Cubs Reporter… total coincidence…

  • Stormin Norman

    I have felt that way before as well but I realize its a great thing. There are so many mainstream media stories covering the same thing. I had to read the Times, Herald and Trib’s take on where Soriano hits in the lineup. I enjoyed you guys, Cubs Reporter and Wrigleyville23’s take much better. Keep up the good work. I love the Cublogoverse! And in case you’re curious, that idiot should just hit in the middle of the order where he belongs.

  • wv23

    stop stealing my stuff. bastard.

  • Ace

    Ha, thanks Norm.

    And never, Wv. In fact, this entire post is simply a clever ruse designed to give me license to rip off everything you’ve ever done.