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Month: February 2009

Geovany Soto is Still Un-Fat

Pitchers and catchers just reported, and we’ve already got some good news to report. Geovany Soto, the reigning Rookie of the Year, is in great shape. Normally, that wouldn’t be news, but Soto credited his breakout offensive season in 2007 to a new workout and diet regimen that saw him shed 20-some pounds. He carried […]


Brewers Will TAKE OVER WRIGLEY… With 100 Fans

Ever been to a Chicago Cubs game at Miller Park? Yeah, me neither. But that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the fact that when the Cubs are in town, Milwaukee might as well have an El, deep dish pizza, and the Chicago Bears. Because it’s Chicago. But this isn’t sitting well with the mighty […]

The 2009 Chicago Cubs Will Win 96 Games

It’s a statistical fact. PECOTA (People for the Ethical Cheering Of Teams, All right?) has projected the Cubs to win 95-96 games next year, based on the current makeup of the team (and the rest of the league). This gives the Cubs the division handily, and is generally awesome. Of course, even though it’s only […]

Obessive Peavywatch: Jake Peavy Hearts the Padres

Sooooo, yeah. Jake Peavy now says he loves being in San Diego, and is glad he wasn’t traded. Swell. “Absolutely I’m happy. I never wanted to be anywhere else than Peoria this time of year. I think we made that clear when we my deal with the Padres, San Diego is near and dear to […]

Adam Dunn is a Washington National

I done told you he wasn’t going to be an Astro. The Nationals have reached preliminary agreement with free agent Adam Dunn on a two-year, $20 million deal, according to a major-league source. The deal, first reported by the Washington Post, is pending a physical. Dunn is expected to play first base for the Nationals. […]


You Know Who’s a Pretty Awesome Guy? Jeff Samardzija

Jeff Samardzija, who hasn’t even yet started raking in the serious big league bucks (though he does have a major league contract), is already giving some of his salary back. He’s started a scholarship at Notre Dame, and that’s pretty awesome. Memories of what his mother meant to him motivated Samardzija to create the Debora […]

Miguel Tejada Is Going to Jail – Maybe

Houston Astros shortstop Miguel Tejada has been charged with lying to congressional investigators about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in a baseball a few years ago. This has been in the pipeline since it became obvious that Tejada had been less than truthful when he and those around him were being investigated for steroid use. […]

Behind the Scenes Details of the Heilman Trade Revealed

The offseason has been an active – sometimes painfully so – one for the Chicago Cubs. The most recent, and for some the most perplexing, major move was the trade of Ronny Cedeno and Garrett Olson to the Seattle Mariners for pitcher Aaron Heilman. Because of its perceived relationship to the possible Jake Peavy trade, […]

Braden Looper is Almost a Brewer

Looks like Brewers’ general manager Doug Melvin was full of it when he proclaimed just last week that the team was all set, and wouldn’t be making any more moves. Perhaps continued massive deflation in the free agent market changed his mind. I just talked to Brewers general manager Doug Melvin. He would not say […]

Adam Kennedy is Not a Cardinal Anymore

A lot of NL Central transaction news today. It all affects the Cubs, so we’ll keep bringing it. The Cardinals dumped second baseman Adam Kennedy yesterday, and will look for a new boyfriend. The Cardinals assume Kennedy’s $4 million salary for the upcoming season; Kennedy becomes a free agent. Monday’s move creates an open competition […]


Rich Aurilia is a Giant – Not the Size, the Team

One more 25th man option goes out the window. Free-agent infielder Rich Aurilia will return to the Giants on a minor-league contract, according to a major-league source. Aurilia, 37, chose the Giants over the Cubs and Phillies. His deal is expected to be finalized on Monday. At present, the Cubs would be set to go […]

Adam Dunn Ain’t Gonna Be An Astro

There was a minor rumor – a rumorette, if you will – making the rounds this weekend that the Astros were going to make a run at hulking beast Adam Dunn. Well, it ain’t gonna happen. “It was never an item of discussion for us,” Wade said. “And even if we had greater resources available, […]

Orlando Hudson to the Cubs?

There was a thinly-veiled rumor out of Boston (?) yesterday about surprisingly-yet-unsigned second baseman, Orlando Hudson. And that rumor is that the Cubs are one of only three teams looking at him. Guh? I mean, freaking awesome! Orlando Hudson, 2B, free agent: It’s amazing that a player of this caliber remains unsigned, but lining up […]


Rich Aurilia is Gonna Come Cheap

It can’t be a surprise in an offseason where guys like Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu can’t find work, but in case you were wondering about the price tag on potential Cubs reserve infielder Rich Aurilia, it’s really low. Sabean said the Giants made Rich Aurilia an offer for a non-guaranteed contract similar to what […]

Rejoice! The Muskat Mailbag Has Returned!

Some time ago, the Chicago Cubs beat reporter for Cubs.com, Carrie Muskat, announced that she would be discontinuing her wildly popular “Mailbag” – wherein readers could send in questions for her to answer. Of course, the Mailbag was as popular for its ridiculous questions and thinly-developed answers as anything, so naturally the Cublogoverse cried out […]

Oh SNAP! Alex Rodriguez Tested Positive for Steroids!

Totally unrelated to the Cubs, but this is HUGE news. Sports Illustrated is reporting that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroids in 2003, his last season with the Rangers. This was before there were mandatory penalties for positive tests. When asked for comment before SI ran with the story, Rodriguez didn’t have much to […]

The Cubs Will Be Fine Without Mark DeRosa

You can’t go to too many corners of the Cublogoverse these days without reading some angry diatribe about the Mark DeRosa trade. In late December, DeRosa was traded to the Cleveland Indians for three somewhat unimpressive pitching prospects. At the time, Cubs fans were sated with the knowledge that surely the deal was merely a […]

In Case You Were Worried the Cubs Would Sign Randy Wolf

Fear not, good ye citizens of, um, yore. The Dodgers done tooked him off the market. Randy Wolf, whose first go-round with the Dodgers ended after 18 starts and shoulder surgery in 2007, on Friday agreed in principle on a one-year contract to return to the club. Raised about a half-hour from Dodger Stadium, Wolf, […]

Nomar Back to the Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs are still looking for a 25th man to round out their roster. Right now, four of the five bench spots look relatively locked up in the form of outfielders Reed Johnson and Joey Gathright, backup catcher Paul “The” Bako, and infielder Aaron Miles. Currently, the team does not have a true backup […]

My Powers of Analysis Are Spectacular: Ben Sheets IS Broken

About 10 days ago, I took note of the extreme lack of interest in pitcher Ben Sheets this offseason. Considering that fact and the Texas Rangers backing off their pursuit suddenly, I speculated that Ben Sheets must be damaged goods. CBSSports.com is reporting that I was right. Well, I mean, I guess they don’t use […]