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Month: February 2009

Ben Sheets to the Chicago Cubs? Um…

The local NBC outfit is trying its hand at Cubs news and rumors, and what they came up with is… um, poor. The Cubs are in search of pitching. This is underscored by the never ending, yet futile, quest for Jake Peavy, as well as Lou Piniella’s declaration that the team needs a lefty. Now, […]

Obsessive Harden Shoulderwatch: Throwing Off the Mound

Rich Harden’s shoulder is about to take on the mythic body part status previously reserved for Janet Jackson’s nipple. And with that, let’s obsess. Rich Harden threw about 20 pitches off the mound on Sunday at Fitch Park and all reports were good. Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild and athletic trainer Mark O’Neal watched Harden’s […]

Rich Harden is Kerry Wood is Mark Prior

To the extent the comparisons haven’t already been made, they were inevitable. Absurdly talented, hard-throwing, strike-out heavy, right-handed starting pitcher for the Cubs… who has arm trouble. Kerry Wood. Mark Prior. Rich Harden. This will be a theme for 2009. Get used to it. All eyes are on Rich Harden this spring. So far, he […]

The Brewers’ Bobbleheads are Racist

The Milwaukee Brewers have announced their bobblehead giveaways for the upcoming season, and the selection of “stars” is a bit perplexing. May 3 – Ryan Braun May 31 – Trevor Hoffman Jun 28 – Jason Kendall Aug 30 – Jeff Suppan Jul 26 – Bratwurst Sep 20 – Doug Melvin, Brewers GM As NQTC points […]

The Cublogoverse is Playing Fantasy

If you’re looking for a fantasy baseball league to play in this year, the Cublogoverse is giving you a few great options. First up, at A League of Her Own, there are a few leagues: Big Boys League: This is the league for people who like to read stat columns and box scores and lean […]

Carlos Marmol IS Pitching in the World Baseball Classic

There doesn’t appear to be a “maybe” about it anymore. Carlos Marmol will be pitching for the Dominican Republic in this year’s WBC, just weeks (well, maybe more than a month, but it’s still “weeks”) after pitching in the Dominican Winter League. Marmol says he doesn’t see the difference in the workload he’ll see in […]

Chicago Cubs Will Kid-Glove Rich Harden in Spring Training

Well, I mean, duh. “We will not overtax him early here,” general manager Jim Hendry said Friday as pitchers and catchers were checking in for spring training. “He feels really good, and if anything, we’re going to have to be cautious with him that he doesn’t feel too good and want to go too fast, […]

Geovany Soto is Still Un-Fat

Pitchers and catchers just reported, and we’ve already got some good news to report. Geovany Soto, the reigning Rookie of the Year, is in great shape. Normally, that wouldn’t be news, but Soto credited his breakout offensive season in 2007 to a new workout and diet regimen that saw him shed 20-some pounds. He carried […]

Brewers Will TAKE OVER WRIGLEY… With 100 Fans

Ever been to a Chicago Cubs game at Miller Park? Yeah, me neither. But that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the fact that when the Cubs are in town, Milwaukee might as well have an El, deep dish pizza, and the Chicago Bears. Because it’s Chicago. But this isn’t sitting well with the mighty […]

The 2009 Chicago Cubs Will Win 96 Games

It’s a statistical fact. PECOTA (People for the Ethical Cheering Of Teams, All right?) has projected the Cubs to win 95-96 games next year, based on the current makeup of the team (and the rest of the league). This gives the Cubs the division handily, and is generally awesome. Of course, even though it’s only […]

Obessive Peavywatch: Jake Peavy Hearts the Padres

Sooooo, yeah. Jake Peavy now says he loves being in San Diego, and is glad he wasn’t traded. Swell. “Absolutely I’m happy. I never wanted to be anywhere else than Peoria this time of year. I think we made that clear when we my deal with the Padres, San Diego is near and dear to […]