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Month: March 2009

Cubs Considering Offers for Pitchers Chad Gaudin and Angel Guzman

There are no fewer than five remaining pitchers in camp who are battling for just two bullpen spots – Jeff Samardzija, David Patton, Chad Fox, Chad Gaudin, and Angel Guzman (assuming Luis Vizcaino’s spot is assured). The matter of how to fit five into two is the last remaining item on the Chicago Cubs’ agenda […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: the Bench is Complete

Well, it appears that the Chicago Cubs bench is set: Koyie Hill, Joey Gathright, Reed Johnson, Aaron Miles, and Micah Hoffpauir. No one has shook Micah Hoffpauir’s hand yet to tell him he’s made the Opening Day roster, but Piniella did say the position players are set. That means Hoffpauir is in. “I thought I […]

Another Cubs First Round Pick is Looking for Work

A really great string of first round picks the Cubs have had in the 2000s, eh? Some news from the Cubs’ Minor League camp: left-handed pitcher Mark Pawelek, the No. 1 Draft pick in 2005, was released. Muskat Ramblings. Including the release of Ryan Harvey last week, the Cubs have now parted company with every […]


Obsessive Peavywatch: Moorad’s in Control, and Willing to Move Peavy

Now that Jeff Moorad has taken over the Padres, and has some indeterminate amount of control over player personnel decisions, he was bound to start getting peppered with Jake Peavy questions. And here are his first thoughts. The good news: he’s clearly willing to move Peavy. “[Jake] Peavy has been a terrific performer for the […]

So Taguchi In, Joey Gathright Out?

This one comes from way out of left field. I have been fairly vocal in my position that Joey Gathright is completely superfluous, and should not be guaranteed a spot on the 25-man roster. Until recently, my calls went largely unnoticed. Now Bruce Miles has joined the party, and says Gathright may not make the […]

The Seventh Cut is the Predictablest

Not to proclaim myself Nostradamus or anything, but when I predicted yesterday that pitchers Randy Wells and Kevin Hart had just seen their last days in big league camp, I was right on the money. I’m Nostradamus. The Cubs got their roster down to 30 today. They optioned pitchers Randy Wells and Kevin Hart to […]

Closerwatch: It’s Kevin Gregg

I can’t say I’m surprised: Lou Piniella today announced that Kevin Gregg – and not Carlos Marmol – will begin the season as the Chicago Cubs closer. Rue if you must, but this is the correct decision, and not simply because of the Cubs’ strong financial incentive to make Gregg the closer. Gregg is an […]

No Rooftop Fight This Year – Bummer

It’s too bad – can you imagine a fight on the Wrigley rooftops? It would be like the Matrix… with Cubs baseball! Concerned that the Cubs might follow through on the threat to put up blinds to block his mid-block view, rooftop owner Anthony Racky agreed Thursday to share 17 percent of his 2008 profits […]


Cubs Pitchers Rank Each Other – This Will End Well

The Sun Times’ Gordon Wittenmyer polled the remaining pitchers in Cubs camp regarding their thoughts on, well, themselves. They ranked each other in various categories, and it is certain not to breed subtle resentment and underlying hostility. But who cares about that part. It’s interesting as hell. Let’s take a look at some of the […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 28, 2009

The Chicago Cubs lost one late to the Colorado Rockies. But that doesn’t matter. The way they lost it, though, matters quite a bit. It shows up in the battles. Randy Wells, who had quietly been puting together a solid Spring – contemporaneously with several former “locks” in the pen putting together crummy to very […]

The Sixth Cut is the Barely-Worth-Writing-About-est

The Chicago Cubs made a mini-cut yesterday, outrighting outfielder (wow, back-to-back “out” words – I could add the word “outwardly” to the front and make it a three-fer) Brad Snyder to AAA Iowa. Snyder, a former first round pick of the Cleveland Indians, was never a legitimate threat to make the team, but his cut […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 27, 2009

The Chicago Cubs beat up on the White Sox (ha), and the more traditional battlewatch is back. Angel Guzman is getting every chance in the world to make the bullpen and not get dumped like a pregnant chick on prom night, but he’s not quite getting there. Gave up two hits, including a homer in […]

Why the 2009 St. Louis Cardinals Will Suck

This is the fifth and final installment in Bleacher Nation’s 2009 preview of the National League Central – specifically, how every team not named the Cubs is going to suck. Previously: Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros. Welcome back to Bleacher Nation’s foray into the other teams of the National League Central, and […]


Obsessive Peavywatch: Enter the Brewers

Peter Gammons believes the Milwaukee Brewers will go after Jake Peavy when he undoubtedly becomes available later this year. While the source of his belief – current Brewer Bill Hall – likely has no more inside information into the matter than I do, the fit is there. The Brewers rotation is thin, and they’re likely […]

Laughing Because It Didn’t Happen to the Cubs

As the world turns in Pittsburgh Pirate prospectland… Jose Tabata’s wife was questioned Tuesday on charges of taking an infant and could be charged with false imprisonment. Amalia Tabata Pereira, 43, allegedly abducted the infant Monday afternoon and reportedly turned the child, who was safe, in to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday afternoon. […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: The Closer Cometh

Sick of the cheesy titles yet? Either Carlos Marmol or Kevin Gregg will be the closer, and Lou said today he’ll have a decision on that by the weekend — once Marmol pitches back-to-back days, Thursday and Friday. Piniella already hasn’t said which way he’s leaning but has admitted he has ideas about which way […]

Jake Fox Kind of Hates the Cubs

Fresh on the heels of yet another scorching Spring Training performance, only to be met with yet another year not making the big league club, Jake Fox was bound to be a little bummed out. Well, given that guys will never overtly say they’re pissed, I think we can tell that Jake Fox is pretty […]

Fifty Night Games at Wrigley Field by Next Year?

A bit of a brew-ha-ha kicked up over some comments made by Cubs chairman Crane Kenney about the number of night games at Wrigley Field in the coming years. The Cubs have tried to play it off. Cubs President Crane Kenney told a Rotary Club in Marco Island, Fla., on Monday that he hoped the […]


Obsessive Harden Shoulderwatch/Flu-Like Symptomwatch

Rich Harden threw yesterday, and apparently things went as well as can be expected. Spent part of a nice afternoon watching Rich Harden pitch against the Oakland A’s top farm club. He looked pretty good over 4 innings, throwing 63 pitches. The fastball had plenty of pop (about 92 mph) and late movement; we were […]

MLB Officials Pressured Derrek Lee to Play in WBC Despite Injury

As we now know, Derrek Lee decided not to play in the World Baseball Classic when he was asked to replace Kevin Youkilis for the semi-finals. What we didn’t know is how he was approached about joining the team. Lee says that baseball officials came to him directly, and pressured him to sign up. “I […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: The Bullpen

Yesterday’s game against the Rockies was a big one with the bats, but more importantly, it showcased many of the arms trying to make the Cubs bullpen. Chad Gaudin started, though the spot he’s trying to secure is a bullpen spot, and gave up two runs (one earned) in two innings. Struck out two, walked […]

The Ryan Harvey Era Comes to a Close

I’d say we hardly knew ye, but Ryan Harvey has been around – and disappointing – for years. The Cubs have released outfielder Ryan Harvey, the team’s first-round, sixth overall pick from Dunedin (Fla.) High School in the 2003 draft. Harvey, 24, spent six seasons in the Cubs’ farm system and batted .247 with 83 […]

The Fifth Cut is the Most Relevant

The Cubs cut six guys from the Spring roster, and the team is now down to 37. This cut was the most relevant so far, because there were definitely guys who had a chance to make the team included – well, that is to say they had a chance when camp opened. Jake Fox absolutely […]

No Curt Schilling for the Cubs

The rumor never really had much in the way of legs, and what little was there was got hacked into (legs + hacked into = bloody sock. I’m awesome) with the tremendous Spring performances of Sean Marshall and Aaron Heilman. Schilling became a luxury of a luxury. And now he’s retiring. The game always gave […]

Jeff Keppinger, Backup Infielder?

Despite Lou Piniella’s pronouncement that Micah Hoffpauir has made the team, the Chicago Cubs continue to consider backup infielder options for the bench. Corey Koskie is out, Luis Rivas is ostensibly out, and Esteban German has failed to impress (well, he’s been ok – just saying that he hasn’t dominated). So it may take a […]