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5 responses to “Steve Phillips is an Idiot, and Lou Piniella ‘Bout to Drop Some Knowledge”

  1. pml

    Ahaha this is great. As I Mets fan I can attest to Steve Philips incompetence –although he takes every opportunity to say he drafted Wright and Reyes. Despite that he was a failure and he is unbelievably even worse as an analyst and broadcaster.

  2. Coldneck

    Steve Phillips, America’s GM. That series on Baseball Tonight is all anyone needs to see to know Mr. Phillips is a complete moron. By the way, I’m loving me some MLB TV. I no longer have to watch EY butcher the english language and John Kruk’s incessant drivel. I love me some Harold Reynolds.

  3. neverbesocial

    I’d really like to see a steve phillip’s interview of lou piniella. I wonder what would go down.