ticket-cubsIn case you had a hankerin’ to get some Chicago Cubs box tickets, oh, and in case you’re all kinds of rich, you can participate in an auction beginning today at noon.

In the auction are 71 CBOE seats located adjacent to the Cubs’ dugout on the third base line. They are SEASON TICKETS, in groups of two, four or five. The auction will conclude at various times on March 11th.

The season tickets include all 2009 regular season games as well as the ability to buy postseason tickets.

Mmm. Capitalism.

  • http://www.acubsblog.com Lord Chestwick Worthington Chadwell

    I, good sir, plan to purchase a great number of box seats to these particular athletic contests. Then I will have my favorite manservant beat my second favorite manservant. A hearty huzzah will be shared by all.