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31 responses to “Why the 2009 Milwaukee Brewers Will Suck”

  1. wv23

    you forgot casey mcgahee, who they picked up from the cubs via rule 5.

    also, gagne has a minor league deal with the brewers but is hurt. they have an opt-out date of 3/26.

  2. Joe

    While I won’t argue that the Brewers will finish behind the Cubs, a couple things struck me as funny. First, the two mentions of the Brewers sucking in the ’08 playoffs. Will your “Cubs Suck” post inlcude that the Cubs were the worst playoff team last year? The Brewers were happy to be there and weren’t expected to do anything; however, every Cubs fan on earth wouldn’t shutup about how it was “your year.” Just like every year, right? Second….”The good news for the Brewers is that they’ve already seen tremendous ticket sales at Miller Park. For the games against the Cubs.” Typical arrogant Cubs fan statement. Yeah, Brewers/Cubs games at Miller account for 2 million tickets already sold. Close, but not quite. Thrid, Kendall sucks behind the plate? Yeah, the half year he was a Cub. Kendall calls one of the best games in baseball. Sabathia gave Kendall a ridiculous amount of the credit for helping him mow through the NL players. Not to mention Kendall led all catchers in throwing out runners, which was the main worry prior to last season. While he does suck at the plate, to say the same about his game calling and defensive skills is just uneducated and dumb.

    I’ll repeat that the Cubs will win the division, but don’t forget that no matter how much you want to deny it, the Cubs offseason was full of stupid moves, and your team is ultimitely worse (on paper) than last years team. Zambrano won’t be a Cy Young candidate, like you guys claim he will before each season. Harden will be hurt half the season. Lily would be okay as a member of the Astros roation, and Dempster, though he’ll be solid, won’t repeat his ridiculous numbers of 2008.

  3. JG

    At least that suckiest team managed to win a playoff game…something the Chicago Chokes haven’t managed to do since when…the Nixon administration. Why don’t you worry about how sucky your team is come playoff time and let the rest of us worry about our own teams.
    Typical Chicago Sports Fan…NO CLASS WHATSOEVER!!!

  4. Tony

    You Cubs fans are all a joke. Yes, the Brewers sucked down the stretch last year and fell right on their ass in the playoffs. The only team that managed to fall on their ass harder were your precious Cubbies. Can’t wait to see your next 100 years of mediocrity!

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  7. Rick

    Yeah the Brewers suck but the Cubs are the ultimate dynasty of suckage. My great great grandfather knew they sucked and they will continue to suck. Nobody sucks like the Cubs. They’re suckage is an expected form of American life.

    1. Rob

      You know your team is the suckiest of all suckies when Jeff Suppan is your opening say starter.

  8. Kurt

    the brewers will always suck. its funny how much brewer fans wish they could root for a team like the cubs, but they can’t, because they have to root for the suckiest team in the NL. i love going to miller park and seeing 75% cub fans. brewer fans started this whole thing about being the cubs biggest rival ever, but truth be told, the only reason why they think that is because they wish they were that good. You can tell how much brewer fans hate rooting for a craptastic teram like the brewers when they actually do beat the cubs in a meaningless April game, and they celebrate like they won the world series. bottom line is, brewer fan suck harder than the brewer fans themselves.

    p.s. have fun watching baseball all summer in that tin can you call a stadium. you should spend money on your sucky team, and not your ball park……..idiots.

  9. Eric

    The NL Central doesn’t suck, except for the Pirates. Every team has some rising stars, and nobody can honestly say that one team sucks because none of these teams have really proven themselves. Remember when the Cards won the World Series and the Astros got swept in it (by the White Sox). A lot more than the rest of the teams, so when a team starts winning championships, their fans can start throwing some insults around.

  10. Diane

    Hate to break it to you but the Brewers are not only doing well they are doing much better than the Cubs. Sorry your little dream won’t come true because you seem to hate the Brewers with such a passion lol. The Brewers have a better team than the Cubs this year, no doubt about it!

  11. Anonymous

    My son sent an autograph request to Prince Fielder thru the address provided on the Milwaukee Brewers website. No where on the website does it state request for autographs by mail are not allowed.
    Not only did my 13 year old son spend the time to do this, buy the envelopes and stamps with his OWN money, but the Brewers USED HIS self-addressed stamped envelope to send him back a denial letter for the requests stating they cannot be responsible.
    Ludicrious and so low class!!!!! To discourage a 13 year old who took the time out to request an autograph from one of his favorite players just goes to show WHY the Brewers SUCK. They have zero concept of fan loyalty and because we live out of state, we have no way to go to games unless they come here.
    I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I can promise you that if it is the last thing I do on this earth…….the person who sent the “rejection letter” to him using HIS paid for envelope, she will lose her job.

    1. Cardfan

      Wow, that’s as low as picking a fight with your own teammate or going after a former teammate after the game in the opposing player’s locker room, both in the heat of a pennant race. Completely class-less.

      Perhaps you should step over to the dark side. I could hook you up with the Cardfan starter kit. It would be a long haul for you, considering where you are starting from. We have, however, had tremendous success with the youngsters. We’ll have him sporting a number 5 jersey and speaking with a Dominican accent in no time…