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10 responses to “Rich Hill Thinks He’s Really, Really Awesome”

  1. Matt

    He was amazing in September 06 and April 07, then he was average. Tells me the league figured him out, and that wouldn’t be too difficult considering he only has 2 pitches. I was rooting for Rich Hill to get it back together just because you hate seeing guys get “the thing”, which is what he absolutely has. Screw him. He keeps blaming it on his back and whatever else, now this stuff. He’s a complete headcase.

  2. The Zoner

    Yes Rich Hill was one of the top 5 that year, and I have the best blog ever, with more traffic than Deadspin. Yeah…that’s the ticket!

  3. The Zoner

    LOL. I have yet to see him in a ST boxscore. Have you?


    [...] I usually don’t post too much on weekends with so much going on (Home Depot, Bed, Bath & Beyond…if there’s time), but I just had to show you this gem. Bleacher Nation is quickly becoming my favorite Cubs blog, and they have a fantastic post called “Rich Hill Thinks He’s Really, Really Awesome“. [...]

  5. Ron Hill - no relation

    Great article!! Funny, funny.

    O’s Fan

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