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16 responses to “Why the 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates Will Suck”

  1. jb

    At least the pirates have won a world series within the last 100 years.

  2. jb

    Pirates 2009 NL Central Pennant

  3. pirate

    at least I saw a world series championship…..something your great grand father cant say..hahahaha (hard to be cubs fan in october )

  4. buc

    and one more thing this website sucks ass. you have no life

  5. Chris

    The Pirates might “suck” by your definition but here in SixBurgh we love the Pirates and I myself would be more than happy to see a .500 ballclub. I grew up when the Pirates were winning pennants with pitching, defense, and a decent offense. It looks like the club is trying to build back to their winning ways. But if they “suck” I will still love them.

  6. UP North

    “It is a team that, unfortunately, should have started rebuilding some time ago. The Jason Bay trade was a good start, but it probably came a year too late.”

    Dude, Jason Bay WAS part of rebuilding! They traded Brian Giles to get him (and Oliver Perez). The team’s been “rebuilding” since 1997! They trade stars for prospects…some work out, some don’t. When they work out, they’re traded away for more prospects…it’s a never-ending cycle…

  7. Phil

    Coming from a hardcore Pirate’s fan who was 5 since they had a winning record, this was the most frustrating off-season in recent memory. No moves for a veteran starting pitcher, power bat, NOTHING.

    As we all know, this is the definition of a re-building season for 2009. But 2010 could see Andrew McCuthen, Jose Tabata, Pedro Alvarez along with the 2 core guys in the field (Doumit, McClouth) it could get better sooner than later.

    Starting pitching is what will kill us this year with ONLY Maholm as a solid starter in the rotation. Watch out for the Cincinnati Reds to pull out a solid season (Volquez, Harang, Arroyo, Bailey, nice rotation)

    1.) Cubs
    2.) Reds
    3.) Brewers
    4.) Cards
    5.) ‘Stros
    6.) Pirates (63-99)

  8. Jonathan Whalen

    Had you asked me before the season starts, I would have said the Pirates would go like 69-93. Now, after seeing how players like Nyjer Morgan, Paul Maholm, Zach Duke, Nate McLouth and Freddy Sanchez have been playing, I’m not so sure. It’s still early, but I actually have some hope this year for my beloved Bucs.

  9. Slonstamonsta

    Dude you blow. The Battle is not over for the bucs. You suck Lets go pirates. Ryan Doumit For President.