The Cubs played two games yesterday – won one, lost one. It was battletastic.

  • Sean Marshall dominated again, and everyone is annointing him the fifth starter. He probably is, but I stick to my thesis: if it’s even close between he and Aaron Heilman – and right now, it is close, because Heilman has been dominating, too – the spot is going to go to Heilman.
  • Chad Gaudin had absolutely nothing in his game, and was battered. It was already conceded that he’s not going to make the rotation, but now – unbelievably – he’s in a struggle just to make the pen. I tend to think several years of big league success should trump a shaky Spring, but I don’t make those decisions. He should probably step it up.
  • Kevin Hart struck out the side in a too-little-too-late relief inning.
  • Jose Ascanio, also trying to squeeze into a semi-non-existent bullpen spot, threw another scoreless inning. He hasn’t given up an earned run yet.
  • New bench seeker Esteban German went 0-2 at third, and left five guys on base. Oops.
  • There’s the Joey Gathright we know and hate: 0-4 with two Ks.
  • Micah Hoffpauir and Koyie Hill had ho-hum one-hit games.
  • fermin ortiz

    I was able to interview Sloan Daniel before a Dodgers pre-season game in Phoenix Feb 09; she has such an infectious smile, and quiet softness about her. She understands the “business” of a spokesperson. She will tell you her first interview was never published with Albert Pujols.
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    She is one of us, indirectly that’s what we do is ask questions! Although, she has received, lots of attention on the fields lately. It’s obvious she feels abashed at the extravagant comments regarding her presence.

    Sloan is truly a modern lady, with an old fashion edge. Not falling for the fairytale advertisement little girls are sold. We asked her what have you learned that you can teach your daughters? She said,
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    What is your biggest illin in a man? We asked, “She said an effeminate man, a braga-saurus who will die lying about who he is and project his madness on to you for not believing his BS.” Spoken like a True Daddy’s Girl I said her head nodding in agreement as if to finally feel more comfortable.

    Another member of our colleagueship asked her how she plans to develop her presence and interaction with the MLB and World Baseball. She said, “Well as I see it Phoenix is becoming a Mecca for baseball and it’s relevant in the state of the art sports complexes we have built in the last few years. I hope to grow with them or define a new role for myself within the organization. Something I can develop on my own with the help of Miami. So we wait to see what that is! I think she has an idea already. Or a new contracto. Finally we asked, ” Who would you like to interview that you haven’t?” Commenting quickly “Ichiro Suzuki.”

    reporting in phoenix,arizona February 2009

    Escrava Isaura

  • Ace

    What in the sweet hell…?