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8 responses to “The Chicago Cubs Financial Incentive to Let Kevin Gregg Close”

  1. Coldneck

    Nice conspiracy theory Ace. I’m not buying it though. if we were the Marlins or Pirates than maybe. But with a $130 million payroll I just don’t see it.

  2. Matt

    Interesting stuff Ace… but I don’t think it will make a difference for the reasons Coldneck said. Yes the contracts are escalating big time as you very well know I bring up all the time, but I think we’ll have more money to work with as well(I hope at least, you damn well better show us the money Ricketts family). Lou’s going to go with who he thinks his best for the role, and I think that will be Marmol. If it’s Gregg, I don’t think it will be because of the financial reasons, but it’s definitely something other organizations would consider for sure. We’re seeing other teams really taking the arbitration stuff into consideration, most notably the Rays.

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  4. Chuckyv

    While there is some truth to your point, you also seem to be missing some other points. First off, Marmol is able to pitch more innings than Gregg which is more conducive to the setup role. Also, the best one two punch I can remember at closer setup was when Mariano Rivera was setting up John Wetteland. Wetteland was a good solid closer, but Rivera was the better pitcher, still the Yankees used the better pitcher earlier in the game because he could pitch more innings and to ease Rivera into the closer role. I think the situations are very similar indeed. Why rush Marmol and discourage Gregg when you can effectively end the game every night in the 7th with Marmol and ease him into the closers role while still having an effective fireman save it in the 9th.

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