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5 responses to “Mike Fontenot Slays Aaron Miles”

  1. Coldneck

    I totally agree that Boardgame should be batting third. In fact, this is the order I would send out there on opening day.

    1. Theriot
    2. Lee
    3. Bradley
    4. Aramis
    5. Soriano
    6. Font
    7. Soto
    8. Fukudome
    9. Big Z

    I think Lee would be great in the 2 slot. He could focus on getting on base instead of hitting warning track fly balls.

    1. Coldneck

      Oh yeah, we got Font in the Sosa trade to Baltimore. That one worked out alright.

  2. Edelweiss

    It would be much better for Mike Fontenot to follow right behind Lee. Lee is a foot taller than Fontenot, and that would really drive pitchers nuts. Mike is hard enough to pitch to. Imagine having to face him right after Lee!