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8 responses to “Why the 2009 Houston Astros Will Suck”

  1. CBMerling

    I agree with most points you’ve made and I’m an AVID Astros fan. I’m not looking for much this season as also.

    But I must admit that, although his last three years have been bad Mike Hampton had a strong end to his tenure with the Atlanta Braves. If Wandy Rodriguez can show he is healthy, he could have a breakout year. Ha, the Astros do have a TERRIBLE farm system with any prospects.

    Brad Ausmus wasn’t too stellar at the plate, but defensively has always been a SOLID SOLID catcher at his position. Catchers are looked more upon for their defense rather than offense, offense is just an incentive but you don’t see it alot from catchers.

    Judging from spring, Houston still has the offensive woes that only come in spurts. Roy Oswalt looked horrible in the World Baseball Classic, but Ivan Rodriguez was monstorous. Being real though, I’m not looking forward to those numbers from Rodriguez. His addition, though greatly approves the Astros at that position because I believe he could out-catch Humberto Quintero even if he decided to play another 10 years of ball.

    Nice column at the end, I do expect them to be around the .500 mark this season whether it be a few games below or above, but no postseason for sure.

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  3. Dave

    I have and always will think the Cubs are the worst franchise in all of professional sports. And yes, I am aware the OKC Thunder exist. And I have also been a lifelong Astros fan. Having said these things – I can’t argue with the article. The Astros will suck this year. Ed Wade and Drayton are suffocating the team and traded away what used to be a solid farm system for a bag of magic beans. And the Cubs will probably win the NL Central this year, setting up their latest dismal fail in the playoffs. Going further, I don’t think the Astros will be a contender in the coming years. They’ve taken on the failed Yankees team building system of overpaying for has-beens. Didn’t work for the Yankees and it won’t work for the Astros. And Berkman is chubby, but that’s hardly a criticism because it doesn’t prevent him from doing anything whether its hitting, baserunning, or fielding.

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