Fresh on the heels of yet another scorching Spring Training performance, only to be met with yet another year not making the big league club, Jake Fox was bound to be a little bummed out.

Well, given that guys will never overtly say they’re pissed, I think we can tell that Jake Fox is pretty angry with the Cubs.

“Everybody’s been on me about the defense,” Fox said before getting sent out. “I’ve got time to work on that. Here’s the way I feel about it: I know I can play at this level. I know I’m a big-league baseball player. At this point, it’s about finding a good fit for me – where I can fit in, where I can play.

“If the Cubs don’t feel like I fit into their plan, maybe another team down the road I can fit in for them. It’s just a matter of finding a place to play. Right now, that’s why I’ve been working so hard trying to learn other positions.” Daily Herald.

The message is clear: either let me play, or trade me. Oh, and I’m kind of pissed about it.

“I don’t know what’s going on because I know there are some teams that have been trying to get me at some point,” Fox said. “Maybe they’re not making a good enough offer. I can’t worry about that. If they (the Cubs) don’t feel I can fit for them, hopefully Jim has enough courtesy to move me on to somebody that can use me.”

Fox, of course, goes on to profess his love for the Cubs, but his feelings are obviously hurt. And he wants his shot.

“At times, it’s been frustrating just because you know you can play at this level,” he said. “It just feels like you’ve been biding your time waiting for an opportunity. Unfortunately, this team has a lot of pressure on it to win, and they don’t have a lot of room for error.

“That’s why they don’t take the risk on young guys a lot of time. It’s nothing against the young guys. It’s not anything against the old guys. It’s just the way it is. You’ve got to understand that and know that it’s going to take a little bit longer here to break in than it would in other places. I don’t have a problem with that.”

Once again, Fox is saying it without saying it: play me, or trade me. And make it snappy.

  • Pete

    After the year he had in 2008 31 Bombs, 107 RBI’s and no call up in September when they brought up stiffs that are long gone you would not be upset? Give the kid a break, trade or release him.

  • Ace

    Yeah, the no call-up last year was really tough to figure. I wasn’t criticizing his comments – just parsing them.

  • Pete

    It seems like one of those situations that they gave him alot of playing time this spring, he did well, but there is no room so sometimes it’s just not the right fit. In that case the what might be best for the team, and certainly for Jake, is to move him. He seems to be a better fit in the AL where he can DH as well as play the field.

    • Ace

      Yeah. My assumption was, the team let him play a lot in case an injury opened up a spot for him, and in case some AL team was watching.

      If the Cubs can get a lower-level, non-40-man roster prospect that is even mediocre, they’d probably be best moving Fox.

      Of course, I have a hard time believing he’s so bad defensively that he couldn’t still be of utility to the Cubs off the bench. Assuming Reed Johnson (and Milton Bradley in a pinch) can play CF when Fukudome isn’t out there, I’d rather have Fox on the bench than Gathright, if it was a straight up choice.

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  • john w

    Now what does he think?
    Leading PCL in most offensive cats!

    • Ace

      He gonna be peesed.