Peter Gammons believes the Milwaukee Brewers will go after Jake Peavy when he undoubtedly becomes available later this year. While the source of his belief – current Brewer Bill Hall – likely has no more inside information into the matter than I do, the fit is there.

The Brewers rotation is thin, and they’re likely to be just competitive enough this year to be in the trade market midseason. Further, even after acquiring CC Sabathia midseason last year, the Brewer farm system is still incredibly deep. They’ve got the pieces – certainly moreso than the Cubs – to acquire a pitcher like Peavy.

Naturally, the Brewers front office is now denying the rumor, which means it’s totally true. Yikes.

  • mightybear

    Will not happen. Peavey has a no trade clause and said he won’t waive it except for specific teams – the Brewers not one of them. Also, the Brewers aren’t going to pick up the back end of Peavey’s contract which requires payment of $22 million in a few years. Peavey’s not going to waive that to go to the Brewers.

    • Ace

      My guess is the money part is right on. Good point. Regarding the no trade – IIRC, there were five teams in the NL that Peavy said he’d accept a trade to. We knew three of them: the Cubs, the Braves, and the Cardinals. I don’t think we ever heard who the other two were.

  • DaveB

    I believe Peavy also mentioned the Red Sox as one of the teams he’d accept a trade to. But that still leaves a 5th potential team

  • Ace

    Yeah, I think you’re right, Dave. I even wrote about it here (I’m dumb).

    But now that I think about it, I think there were 5 NL teams that he originally said he’d go to, and then the Red Sox were separate from that.