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Month: March 2009

Obsessive Harden Shoulderwatch/Flu-Like Symptomwatch

Rich Harden threw yesterday, and apparently things went as well as can be expected. Spent part of a nice afternoon watching Rich Harden pitch against the Oakland A’s top farm club. He looked pretty good over 4 innings, throwing 63 pitches. The fastball had plenty of pop (about 92 mph) and late movement; we were […]

MLB Officials Pressured Derrek Lee to Play in WBC Despite Injury

As we now know, Derrek Lee decided not to play in the World Baseball Classic when he was asked to replace Kevin Youkilis for the semi-finals. What we didn’t know is how he was approached about joining the team. Lee says that baseball officials came to him directly, and pressured him to sign up. “I […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: The Bullpen

Yesterday’s game against the Rockies was a big one with the bats, but more importantly, it showcased many of the arms trying to make the Cubs bullpen. Chad Gaudin started, though the spot he’s trying to secure is a bullpen spot, and gave up two runs (one earned) in two innings. Struck out two, walked […]

The Ryan Harvey Era Comes to a Close

I’d say we hardly knew ye, but Ryan Harvey has been around – and disappointing – for years. The Cubs have released outfielder Ryan Harvey, the team’s first-round, sixth overall pick from Dunedin (Fla.) High School in the 2003 draft. Harvey, 24, spent six seasons in the Cubs’ farm system and batted .247 with 83 […]


The Fifth Cut is the Most Relevant

The Cubs cut six guys from the Spring roster, and the team is now down to 37. This cut was the most relevant so far, because there were definitely guys who had a chance to make the team included – well, that is to say they had a chance when camp opened. Jake Fox absolutely […]

No Curt Schilling for the Cubs

The rumor never really had much in the way of legs, and what little was there was got hacked into (legs + hacked into = bloody sock. I’m awesome) with the tremendous Spring performances of Sean Marshall and Aaron Heilman. Schilling became a luxury of a luxury. And now he’s retiring. The game always gave […]

Jeff Keppinger, Backup Infielder?

Despite Lou Piniella’s pronouncement that Micah Hoffpauir has made the team, the Chicago Cubs continue to consider backup infielder options for the bench. Corey Koskie is out, Luis Rivas is ostensibly out, and Esteban German has failed to impress (well, he’s been ok – just saying that he hasn’t dominated). So it may take a […]

Backup Catcher Battlewatch: Son of a Bako

Just when it was looking like Koyie Hill’s hitting might overcome Paul Bako’s veteran-ness, and land him the backup catcher job (saving the Chicago Cubs some $350k in the process – not that that matters…), the Bako turned it on yesterday against the Oakland A’s. 4 for 4, 3 RBI and a homer. Grumble. Of […]

Angel Guzman to the Pirates?

Chicago Cubs reliever and former wunderkind prospect Angel Guzman is out of options and doesn’t look likely to make the Cubs bullpen. Thus, he gone. At some point. To someone. MLB Trade Rumors is speculating that the someone (well, some team, I suppose is more accurate) is the Pittsburgh Pirates. [The Pirates] would like to […]

Obsessive New Ownerwatch: It Ain’t Happening By Opening Day

I never thought that timetable was realistic, but at least now the team is confirming it. The Cubs aren’t likely to have their new owner in place by Opening Day, but look to the next quarterly owners meeting in May as a good possibility, Cubs chairman Crane Kenney said. And expect Tom Ricketts and his […]

Obsessive Harden Shoulderwatch: Er, Flu-Like Symptomwatch

Rich Harden was scratched from his scheduled start on Friday because of those dreaded “flu-like symptoms” – seriously, what is the deal with calling the illness “flu-like symptoms” instead of just saying, yeah, dude probably has the flu? Is there some stigma associated with the flu of which I am unaware? Next thing you know, […]

2009 Chicago Cubs Closerwatch: It’s the Final Countdown

In case you hadn’t noticed, Spring Training Battlewatch has come to a close. With fewer and fewer battles remaining, it’s time to focus on the specific battles remaining. The closer competition is entering its final stages. Manager Lou Piniella had previously said he expected to announce the closer by the end of last week, but […]

A new feature: The Wrigleyville Experience

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve added a couple new features in the Chicago Cubs Resources section of the site. Namely, we put together some useful resources for planning a trip to Wrigley Field, and over time, we’ll be adding more. It’s all a part of what we’re calling The Wrigleyville Experience. So far, we’ve […]


Corey Koskie Calls it a Career

The writing was more or less on the wall after Corey Koskie had to leave a Spring Training game a few days ago, continuing to battle the effects of post-concussion syndrome. [L]ess than a week into comeback with the Cubs, third baseman Corey Koskie dived for a grounder and felt a little light-headed. “And I […]

Mike Fontenot is a Star

Mike Fontenot will take time from his busy playing baseball schedule to play himself in an episode of TBS’s “My Boys,” which I’m sure is a really great show. Fontenot will play himself in the episode, parts of which will be taped Tuesday at HoHoKam Park. Without revealing the plot, Fontenot said one of the […]

The Cublogoverse Chicago Cubs Prospect Poll: March

Announcing a new feature here at Bleacher Nation: the Cublogoverse Chicago Cubs Prospect Poll. With the help of some of your favorite other Cubs blogs, we’ve put together a poll – not unlike a college football or college basketball poll – ranking the top Chicago Cubs prospects. With twelve blogs in tow for this first […]

The Cubs Used to Have Nice Prospects

Rotoworld recently reflected upon it’s top 100 prospects from 2004, and sure enough, the Cubs had several entries in the list. That year or perhaps slightly before marked perhaps the pinnacle of the Cubs farm system in the last fifteen years. Given that, depending on what service you ask, the Cubs now only have one […]

There Was a Rumor About the Cubs Trading Carlos Zambrano?

This is news to me – new, old news to be precise. One of the craziest rumors at the winter meetings in December centered on the Cubs — after completing a Jake Peavy trade — sending Zambrano to the Sox. Sources from both sides of town shot down the rumor, and Peavy never was dealt […]

Why the 2009 Houston Astros Will Suck

This is the fourth installment in Bleacher Nation’s 2009 preview of the National League Central – specifically, how every team not named the Cubs is going to suck. Previously: Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates. Welcome back to Bleacher Nation’s foray into the other teams of the National League Central, and their prospects for 2009 […]