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Month: March 2009

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 15, 2009

The Chicago Cubs took a trip down to Tucson to play the Diamondbacks and won-dizzled. Which totally makes sense, since the Diamondbacks play their regular season games in Phoenix. Gotta go somewhere for Spring Training, I guess. On to the battles. Joey Gathright got a couple hits, a few steals, and is looking more and […]

Lou Knows Who the Back-up Catcher Will Be

But he’s not telling, apparently. As for the backup catcher, Piniella definitely has some ideas regarding Paul Bako, Koyie Hill and Mark Johnson. Asked if it was a wide open race, he said: “It’s not as wide open as the mouth of the Amazon.” Muskat Ramblings. My old guy folksy witicism detector isn’t as sharp […]

The Cublogoverse Picked Up a News Cubs Player Blog

When Mark DeRosa was dealt to the Cleveland Indians this Winter, it was not only a serious blow to the Chicago Cubs on the field, it was a crotch kick to the Chicago Cubs on the web. DeRosa’s blog, The Pulse, was one of the crown jewels of the Cublogoverse. We wept. But fret not! […]


The 25th Man Likely to be Koskie or German

Lou Piniella all but confirmed yesterday what we’ve openly speculated: the 25th man is probably going to be an infielder, and it’s probably going to be Corey Koskie or recently signed Esteban German. “We’ve been looking for another infielder, so we’ll see how [Koskie and German] do and we’ll give them every opportunity,” manager Lou […]

The Second Cut is the Deepest

The Chicago Cubs made their second round of red tag roster cuts yesterday. The Cubs also sent five players back to the minor league camp: Pitchers Brian Schlitter, J. R. Mathes and Matt Smith, catcher Steve Clevenger and outfielder Richie Robnett. Their roster stands at 53 before the expected Koskie signing. Hardball. None was expected […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 13, 2009

The Cubs played two games yesterday – won one, lost one. It was battletastic. Sean Marshall dominated again, and everyone is annointing him the fifth starter. He probably is, but I stick to my thesis: if it’s even close between he and Aaron Heilman – and right now, it is close, because Heilman has been […]

Cubs Sign Esteban German, Who is Not German

The Sun Times is twittering that the Chicago Cubs have signed Esteban German – who was recently waived by the Royals (always a good sign) – to compete for a back-up infielder role. As we recently said, the Cubs are going to look for a back-up infielder throughout Spring Training. Maybe German is the guy, […]


Rumors Floating that Carlos Zambrano Will Join Venezuela in WBC

Oh the drama that surrounds whether or not various Chicago Cubs players – mostly those named “Carlos” – will play in the World Baseball Classic. With Venezuela moving on in the tournament, recent internetty rumors had Carlos Zambrano leaving Cubs camp to join Venezuela for the later rounds. Sun Times writer Chris DeLuca is putting […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 12, 2009

The Chicago Cubs are turning Japanese again – they took on the Japanese team yesterday. The Cubs lost by a run, but it was probably fun or something. Mike Fontenot continues to do nothing but hit. Another couple hits, and it’s starting to become clear that, at a minimum, getting the majority of the second […]

Lou Piniella Says Fukudome is Batting Second, Which Totally Makes Sense

For all the hoopla surrounding whether or not Alfonso Soriano would be batting number one for the Chicago Cubs this year, precious little has been said about the rest of the order. Manager Lou Piniella has dropped hints here and there – Derrek Lee is likely to bat third again this year (apparently Piniella is […]

Why the 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates Will Suck

This is the third installment in Bleacher Nation’s 2009 preview of the National League Central – specifically, how every team not named the Cubs is going to suck. Previously: Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers. Welcome back to Bleacher Nation’s foray into the other teams of the National League Central, and their prospects for 2009 success. But, […]


Obsessive Peavywatch: Padres Sale Hitting a Roadblock? Peavy More Likely?

A quick refresher: the San Diego Padres are in the process of being sold by current owner John Moores to a consortium group, led by former Diamondbacks CEO Jeff Moorad. Moores was ostensibly forced to sell the team because of divorce proceedings (gotta split the baby), and similarly was hoping to cut payroll dramatically. In […]

Was Milton Bradley Always Hurt When He Was “Hurt”?

The Chicago Cubs newest outfielder – that’s Milton Bradley, in case you couldn’t tell from the cheesy, standard set up – dropped a bit of a bombshell this week when discussing his time with the Rangers. Bradley managed more games there than he has in a while, but he was still out of the lineup […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 10, 2009

The Chicago Cubs are puting together a little winning streak. Cool. Great. Whatever. Battles: Aaron Miles played 2nd, Mike Fontenot played 3rd, and each had a nice game at the plate. Say what you will about who should win the starting 2B job, but this team is much, much better if those guys can play […]


Carlos Marmol’s WBC Days Are Over!

Which is, of course, both a good and bad thing. Good, because he’s coming back to camp, and the Cubs can take it very easy on his arm. Bad, because the reason he’s coming back is his Dominican Republic team got unceremoniously bounced early in the World Baseball Classic. Why did they get bounced? Because […]

Obsessive Harden Shoulderwatch: First Spring Start, Hooray!

Rich Harden finally made it into a Spring game today, and the results were good. By that, I mean his shoulder didn’t explode into a season and dream ending burst of blood, goo, and labrum. And what do you know, he pitched pretty well, too. Two innings, 25 pitches, two hits, and a strikeout. Cool. […]

So, Nomar Ended Up Being Kind of Expensive

So much for the idea that Nomar Garciaparra would take a minor league deal and back up on the cheap for the Chicago Cubs (or anyone else). [The A’s] have also added an intriguing bat off the bench in Nomar Garciaparra. He was guaranteed $1 million and can make an additional $150,000 if he reaches […]

Luis Vizcaino to the Oakland A’s for Bobby Crosby?

When the Chicago Cubs traded Jason Marquis – and his healthy contract – to the Colorado Rockies earlier this year for Luis Vizcaino – and his healthy contract – the assumption was, well, we just got our Bobby Howry for the year. But as he struggles mightily in Spring Training, Lou Piniella has indicated that […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 9, 2009

In a game that Alfonso Soriano called a “must win” (with a wink), the Cubs ended a billion game losing streak. In Spring Training. The battles: Mike Fontenot continued to perform significantly better than Aaron Miles. Fontenot went 2-3 with a homer and a walk. Miles, playing short and third (telling?), went 1-3. Micah Hoffpauir, […]

Obsessive New Ownerwatch: Cubs Sale Proceeding, But Not Encouragingly So

It’s been a little while since we’ve obsessed about the sale of the Chicago Cubs. The family Ricketts won the bidding – which means they get exclusive rights to negotiate with the Tribune Company – but other than a sale of TD Ameritrade stock to help finance the purchase, we haven’t heard much. MLB Commissioner […]