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Month: March 2009

Obsessive New Ownerwatch: Cubs Sale Proceeding, But Not Encouragingly So

It’s been a little while since we’ve obsessed about the sale of the Chicago Cubs. The family Ricketts won the bidding – which means they get exclusive rights to negotiate with the Tribune Company – but other than a sale of TD Ameritrade stock to help finance the purchase, we haven’t heard much. MLB Commissioner […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 8, 2009

The Cubs continued losing, this time to the Rangers. Meh. Pitching dominated the Spring Training battles this time around: Sean Marshall held some really good Rangers hitters scoreless for four innings. I still have a feeling the Cubs would prefer if someone else won the fifth starter job because of Marshall’s dual value as a […]

RosenFAIL: The Cubs Bench

I want to preface this with a word on accuracy and insight. I screw things up all the time. Sometimes I post things too quickly. Sometimes I don’t check my facts. It’s rare, but it happens. So I understand that writers can’t be perfect. But when you’re Ken Rosenthal, you are paid by Fox Sports […]


Spring Training Battlewatch: March 7, 2009

The Chicago Cubs get blanked by the Milwaukee Brewers. Who kerrs. On to the roster battles: Micah Hoffpauir has cooled considerably, and he put up an 0-fer. Considering the Cubs’ lack of a second reserve infielder, Hoffpauir is going to have to be so good with the bat that the Cubs have to find a […]

Rocky Roquet Does Not Make the Cubs, Cashner Hurt

At least not this year. The Chicago Cubs made the first red tags of the year, sending pitchers Andrew Cashner, Edward Campusano, and Roquet to minor league camp. Given that the camp doesn’t open for another week, it seems an extra kick in the crotch. Cashner, the Cubs first round pick in 2008, impressed manager […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 6, 2009

The Spring Training Cubs continued a vicious losing streak. Oh no. On to the battles: Koyie Hill is trying to win the backup catcher job from Paul Bako. Hill started, and did squat. Micah Hoffpauir is trying to win the 25th bench spot. Hoffpauir played LF, and did squat. Jake Fox is trying to win […]

PANIC! Milton Bradley Lifted for Pinch Runner, Again

Milton Bradley was lifted in his first Spring start for a pinch runner after a walk in his first at bat. Much gnashing of teeth and terror ensued. Flash forward to today, where Bradley was once again lifted for a pinch runner early in the game. At least this time it was in the fourth […]

Obessive Harden Shoulderwatch: Simulated Game Today, Actual Game Next Week

After a couple of successful bullpen sessions, Chicago Cubs pitcher/injured guy Rich Harden is set to throw some more today. And then some more more next week. Harden, who’s on a slow-and-cautious maintenance program for his troublesome right shoulder, got through a second session of throwing to hitters in batting practice Tuesday and is scheduled […]

Rich Hill Thinks He’s Really, Really Awesome

When the Cubs traded broken/mentally-defective pitcher Rich Hill to the Orioles earlier this year for a player to be named later, most fans figured we were just getting rid of a guy who was out of options and would never again contribute meaningfully at the major league level. Well, apparently we were wrong. Dead wrong. […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 5, 2009

The Chicago Cubs lost to the White Sox… again. Good thing it’s just fake baseball. Though the games are fake, the… battles… are… REAL! (you tittered right there, didn’t you?) Jake Fox went 2-4, to keep up the relatively nice Spring. He played first base in this one, so he’s logging time at a variety […]

Aramis Ramirez to Play in WBC with A-Rod Out?

With the breaking news that Alex Rodriguez is undergoing hip surgery – the cyst kind, not the old person kind – I am openly pondering and speculating as to whether it means Aramis Ramirez will leave the Chicago Cubs and go to play in the World Baseball Classic. As we’ve noted here before, Ramirez opted […]


Why the 2009 Milwaukee Brewers Will Suck

This is the second installment in Bleacher Nation’s weekly series, exploring precisely why the other teams in the National League Central are going to suck in 2009. Previously: Cincinnati Reds. Once again, Bleacher Nation takes on the challenge of pointing out everything bad about a National League Central team, in a quest to provide you […]

Milton Bradley Played Yesterday, and Didn’t Break

Milton Bradley DH’d for the Chicago Cubs yesterday, a week after leaving his first Spring Training game with quad soreness. When it happened, I was like, “Oh my God, here we go…” But at least Bradley understands: He said he understands that 12 stints on the disabled list leads to questions about his brittleness. Bradley […]

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 4, 2009

The Chicago Cubs played two meaningless exciting Spring Training games yesterday. Perhaps the most important thing to come out of them was the healthy performance of Milton Bradley. Of course, he was DH’ing… but whatever. On to the battles: Joey Gathright had a nice two-hit game against the Indians. Shock: they were both singles. Aaron […]

2009 Chicago Cubs Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

Thanks to BCB for tracking down the broadcast schedule for the rest of the Cubs Spring Training. 3/4 vs. Cle: WGN Radio 3/4 vs. Sox: WGN-TV 3/5 vs. Sox: WGN-TV, WSCR 3/6 vs. LA: WGN Radio 3/7 vs. Mil: WTMJ 3/8 vs. Tex: KRLD 3/9 vs. KC: KCSP 3/13 vs. Sea: KIRO 3/14 vs. LAA: […]

Chicago Cubs Ticket Auction Begins Today

In case you had a hankerin’ to get some Chicago Cubs box tickets, oh, and in case you’re all kinds of rich, you can participate in an auction beginning today at noon. In the auction are 71 CBOE seats located adjacent to the Cubs’ dugout on the third base line. They are SEASON TICKETS, in […]

Cubs Are Scouting Bobby Crosby for Some Strange Reason

The Chicago Cubs have a couple in-house options for the last spot on their bench. It’s got to be a guy who can back up an infield spot or two. Preferably the guy could back up third, first, and short. But maybe that preferable guy isn’t on the Cubs yet. So they’ll keep looking. One […]